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Cyber risk and incident response management experts and thought leaders from across the industry share practical insights that you can use to inform and strengthen your clients’ cybersecurity posture.

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NetDiligence proudly curates dynamic communities of the industry’s leading cyber risk and incident response management experts, leveraging their collective insights to inform our insurance partners as well as to design and refine the cybersecurity resources and tools we offer.

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From the newest ransomware attacks to cyber insurance claims making the headlines, NetDiligence’s monthly newsletter brings the latest, most relevant industry news sent directly to your inbox. It’s your quick and easy way to stay informed about important technological and legal developments, current and emerging trends in cyber risk management, and the latest expert thinking about privacy liability.

Vol. 260 – September 20, 2023

We bring to your attention a sampling of recent media stories involving cyber risk & privacy liability. Among the stories we’re highlighting this month: MOVEit Health Data Breach Tally Keeps Growing, National Grid Customer Data Exposed in ‘Cyber Incident’, Atomic Wallet Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over $100 Million Crypto Hack Losses, Scraped Data of 2.6 Million Duolingo Users Released, and more.

Cyber Claims Study 2022 CTA

Ransomware Is Growing More Pernicious; It’s High Time Your Defenses Evolve

Originally published in Risk and Insurance, this article discusses insights from the NetDiligence-sponsored Cyber Insurance Ransomware Advisory Group

Must-Have Ransomware Safeguards

A call to action for businesses, this NetDiligence guide outlines some must-have ransomware defenses


Drawing on more than two decades of industry experience, NetDiligence publishes an ever-growing library of cybersecurity resources to help you get and stay up to speed about best practices in risk assessment, incident response planning, data breach response, and other vital cyber risk management issues.

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