A Breach Response Plan Ready-Made for Any Organization

Today it’s not if your organization will suffer from a ransomware attack or data breach event but when. If you don’t have a cybersecurity incident response plan in place, you could end up wasting valuable time trying to create one and tracking down the critical information you need to act quickly.

It may also come as an alarming surprise to most organizations to learn that if they were breached today, senior managers can be held liable for how their organization prepared for and responded to the incident.

Are YOU prepared?

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What Is Breach Plan Connect®?

Breach Plan Connect (BPC), powered by NetDiligence®, is a turnkey solution for developing an incident response plan. BPC is designed to help your organization oversee and coordinate your response to a cyber incident.

Companies must have an actionable incident response plan (IRP) to:

  • Prevent organizational chaos when a breach occurs
  • Establish and document clear action steps, roles, and responsibilities in the event of a breach
  • Help minimize the cost of data breach recovery
  • Help limit the severity of business interruption
  • Meet your regulatory duties and help defend against a charge of ‘negligence’ and reduce the risk of litigation and regulatory exposures.

Cyber incidents are business problems, as well as technical problems. It doesn’t matter if the incident was caused by an external attack; how well your organization handles a cyber incident could make or break its future.

Question: What do the following all have in common?

  1. The total number of cyber incidents occurring every year
  2. The length of time it takes to resolve a cyber incident
  3. The severity of cyberattacks

Answer: They’re all increasing.

Prevent organizational chaos

Many organizations fall into chaos when they find out they’ve been breached. Breach Plan Connect ensures that won’t happen to your team. Establish clear roles, responsibilities, and action plans for when cyber incidents occur.

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Cover ALL your bases

Breach Plan Connect acts as a step-by-step guide to make sure nothing is missed when getting your organization “cyber ready,” including regulatory requirements, and documented processes.

Know exactly what to do in a crisis

With an easy-to-follow format, Breach Plan Connect includes cyber insurance protocols so you can easily follow claims instructions for your cyber insurance carrier. You will also have direct access to pre-approved incident response experts and resources specific to your carrier.

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Easily customize and build your plan in minutes

Our “Build Your Plan” tool guides you through establishing your response teams and foundational protocols. Create action-oriented procedures for responding to a live event. When finished, you’ll have a Breach Response plan that makes it easy for senior managers to a) monitor the overall response and b) provide critical guidance and authorization to tactical teams such as IT and third-party experts.

Access your plan 24/7 with the Breach Plan Connect mobile app

It is a must to have access to your plan from anywhere at any time. Access your plan from your phone, tablet, or desktop. Your plan is cloud-hosted so you can access it during a crisis.

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Save time and money

Drafting your own incident response plan can be time-intensive and costly. Breach Plan Connect is designed to get you up and running in a fraction of the time, at a significantly lower cost than outsourcing your plan development.

Act quickly to minimize damage

The first steps you take to contain an incident are crucial, and depend on the nature of the event. Provide your team with tactical guidance on how to quickly contain ransomware, malware, and other types of incidents.

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Protect Your Organization In Minutes

Build your incident response plan with Breach Plan Connect® and feel confident and prepared when your organization comes face-to-face with today’s cyber threats.

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