Breach Response Plan
for Senior Management

Do you have a cyber-focused incident response plan, and can you access it at a moment’s notice from your mobile phone? Most organizations don’t. In fact, many organizations delegate breach response to their IT Departments. But while IT recovery is clearly critical, it’s only one component of effective breach response.

Senior managers (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO/CSO, etc.) are responsible for how their organization prepares for and responds to a cyber incident, regardless of whether the incident is a malicious ransomware attack or a data breach mishap.

It’s a compliance issue, and it’s also good fiscal risk management. Prompt and effective response can help minimize the cost of an incident. And active participation by senior managers can help defend against a charge of ‘negligence,’ reducing potential litigation and regulatory exposures.

A Turnkey Solution

Breach Plan Connect®, powered by NetDiligence®, is a turnkey solution designed to help your senior managers oversee and coordinate your organization’s response to a cyber incident.

  • Securely hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution
  • Features guidance on how to ‘get cyber ready’
  • Comes pre-loaded with a best-practices breach response plan template
  • Easily customized for your organization
  • Includes a mobile app, for convenient access and secure communications even if company systems are compromised
  • Mobile app syncs with the SaaS every time a user logs in, so information is always up to date

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Comes with a Ready-Made Response Plan Template

Breach Plan Connect® is licensed by companies, municipalities, and nonprofits as a breach response roadmap for senior managers. It comes pre-loaded with a best-practices breach response plan that can be easily adapted to suit any business size, sector, model, and operation.

Easy to customize – you'll have a plan in minutes

Our ‘Build Your Plan’ tool guides you through establishing your internal and external response teams, your organization’s foundational protocols, such as response priorities and severity classifications. Finally, the tool helps you create action-oriented procedures for responding to a live event, including the steps to take and the proper sequence in which to take them.

At the end of the process, you’ll have a Breach Response Plan that makes it easy for senior managers to: a) monitor the overall response, and b) provide guidance and authorization as needed to tactical teams, such as IT and related third-party experts.

Companion mobile app keeps you connected to your team

The free app makes it possible for senior managers to access the breach response plan 24×7 and communicate securely even if your systems have been locked by ransomware or otherwise compromised.

If a breach occurs, senior managers and other designated individuals from your organization can use this app to contact internal and third-party response teams, including legal counsel and the claims department of your cyber insurer.

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