Authorized Breach Coach® Law Firms

The firms listed below* are authorized to use the NetDiligence Breach Coach® seal, having met NetDiligence’s criteria for competency, thought leadership, industry engagement, and experience.

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*The firms shown below are displayed based on when the firm was designated into the Breach Coach® program. This order does not reflect any qualitative ranking.

Distinguish your law firm’s expertise by becoming an authorized Breach Coach

As cyber risks continue to expand, more and more law firms are looking to serve the cyber market. Suddenly, everyone has a data security practice. Everyone’s an expert.

But we know that’s not the reality. Of the thousands of firms competing for cybersecurity work, only an elite few have the hard-won expertise and experience to qualify as a Breach Coach.

Breach Coach® is a registered trademark of NetDiligence®. We created the term to recognize law firms that have demonstrated excellence in data security and privacy. Breach Coach firms must handle at least 50 breach incidents per year.

Breach Coach firms serve as thought leaders for the entire cyber industry.

If you meet the criteria to qualify as a Breach Coach, you’ll be joining an exclusive club. The Breach Coach seal designates your firm as a top tier firm for data security, privacy, and incident response.

Complete the form on this page or contact Jamie Sheller, Esq at [email protected] to apply for possible qualification.

Why Become a Breach Coach?

Authorized Breach Coach Seal

  • Use the Breach Coach seal on your website, social media, email signatures, and any marketing materials such as business cards, slides, brochures, etc. The seal will link back to our website, where you’re included on our list of authorized firms.

Featured at NetDiligence Conferences

  • Your firm will be included in a showcase of Breach Coaches in various slide shows at NetDiligence events. You will also be welcome in the NetDiligence VIP Hospitality Suite and entitled to use it for up to two client meetings at each event.

Profiled on NetDiligence Blog

  • As a thought leader in breach response, NetDiligence hosts a blog for the purpose of knowledge exchange. Each year, your firm can be featured in a blog post on a topic of pressing interest, which further increases your visibility to businesses both large and small.

Complimentary Breach Plan Connect Tokens

  • You will receive five tokens for Breach Plan Connect annually that you can award to clients. Breach Plan Connect is a templated incident response plan, accessible by desktop or our free mobile app. It enables you to place your firm directly into your client’s incident response plan, positioning you to receive that first call during an incident, along with annual consulting engagements for plan review and tabletop exercises.


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