Data Breach

Planning & Response

Breach Plan Connect®, powered by NetDiligence®, is a pre-written Incident Response Plan (IRP) designed to help companies of all sizes oversee and coordinate their organization's response to a cyber incident. Complete with mobile app and new incident response playbooks!

Solutions for a changing cyber risk landscape

eRiskHub® Portal

When a breach event occurs, time is of the essence. With a good response plan in place and access to highly skilled third-party resources, an organization can more efficiently and cost-effectively respond to and recover from a data breach.

The eRiskHub® service, powered by NetDiligence®, is an effective way to help both insurers and their clients combat cyber losses with minimal, controlled and predictable costs. This SaaS offering provides tools and resources to help clients understand the exposures, respond effectively and minimize the effects of breaches on their organizations.

Our mobile-friendly, flexible platform can be branded, customized and delivered to any domain. Plus, it’s scalable! Start small and increase your license as you grow. You can also add content for other geographic regions as you expand globally.

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Breach Plan Connect®

Do you have a cyber-focused incident response plan, and can you access it at a moment’s notice from your mobile phone? Most organizations don’t. In fact, many organizations delegate breach response to their IT Departments. But while IT recovery is clearly critical, it’s only one component of effective breach response.

Breach Plan Connect®, powered by NetDiligence, is a turnkey solution designed to help your senior managers oversee and coordinate your organization’s response to a cyber incident.

  • Securely hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution
  • Features guidance on how to ‘get cyber ready’
  • Comes pre-loaded with a best-practices breach response plan template
  • Easily customized for your organization
  • Includes a mobile app, for convenient access and secure communications even if company systems are compromised
  • Mobile app syncs with the SaaS every time a user logs in, so information is always up to date

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Breach Coach®

As cyber risks continue to expand, more and more law firms are looking to serve the cyber market. Suddenly, everyone has a data security practice. Everyone’s an expert.

But we know that’s not reality. Of the thousands of firms competing for cybersecurity work, only an elite few have the hard-won expertise and experience to qualify as a Breach Coach®.

Breach Coach® is a registered trademark of NetDiligence®. We created the term to recognize law firms that have demonstrated excellence in data security and privacy.

Breach Coach® firms serve as thought leaders for the entire cyber industry. They have earned respect by serving on the front lines of the war on cybercrime and they are closely engaged with cyber insurers to help minimize cyber losses.

If you meet the criteria to qualify as a Breach Coach®, you’ll be joining an exclusive club. The Breach Coach® seal designates your firm as a top tier firm for data security, privacy, and incident response.

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QuietAudit® Cyber Risk Assessments

Since 2001, NetDiligence has conducted thousands of enterprise-level QuietAudit® Cyber Risk Assessments for a broad variety of corporate and non-profit clients. Our time-tested risk management approach (eliminate, mitigate, accept and cede residual risk) enables us to effectively help organizations of all types and sizes manage their cyber risk.

NetDiligence QuietAudit® Cyber Risk Assessments are a thorough, efficient way for your organization to document its data security posture and cyber risk readiness. Insurers recognize the value of a NetDiligence assessment; it allows them to validate that your organization has key safeguards and practices in place.

Whether you want a basic Cyber Health Check or a more in-depth evaluation, NetDiligence can provide you with the independent, objective assessment you need.

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“Are you prepared?”

Preparation equals prevention.

NetDiligence operates at the heart of the cyber community. We find cyber risk as a concern to most organizations and arguably the leading peril on the minds of IT and Risk Managers charged with mitigating the chaos and exposures. We’ve seen businesses of all sizes compromised and even destroyed by common threats like ransomware, theft of trade secrets, business interruption, privacy breach litigation, and more.

Cyber incidents are painful. But they can be managed and oftentimes prevented. That’s where we come in.

Mark Greisiger


Download 2022 Cyber Claims Study

The annual NetDiligence® Cyber Claims Study uses actual cyber insurance reported claims to illuminate the real costs of incidents from an insurer’s perspective.


Here's what our partners
say about us

The growth in cyber risk and cyber insurance (industries) can really almost be directly correlated to the success of NetDiligence, being that central hub, so to speak that has brought this community together.

John Coletti

Head of Cyber Reinsurance, Swiss Re

I have had the pleasure of working with NetDiligence since 2003 when the first cyber product I was involved with had a network security assessment done. There were a few people involved in NetDiligence at the time and I can honestly say with each additional team member and each additional service that they’ve built out, it’s just an enjoyable experience because there are such knowledgeable professionals involved in NetDiligence and the service is bar none.

Betty Shepherd

Great American Insurance Group

I consider the professionals at NetDiligence my friends, first and foremost. I’ve known them a very long time. There is a trust that they build. They never let you down. If they’re going to perform a particular service for your clients, they deliver every single time. I don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re going to step up and do what they say they’re going to do. So, I am privileged to be connected to NetDiligence and I really value the friendships that I have with the professionals who work there.

John Farley


One of the challenges this industry has is pockets of data sitting out there all over the place. For NetDiligence to bring that together, where we’re able to measure that relative to what we’re seeing, certainly helps my claim staff in terms of assessing exposure and when we start looking at reserving. That provides a lot of value to us.

Robert Flowers


It’s more than loss control. The eRiskHub portal is a way for us to engage our customers and to provide, in real time, good, up-to-date, value-added content, as well as risk management tools from NetDiligence and other vendors that we make available via that portal.

Brad Gow

Sompo International

Having a plan helps you hit those time-critical moments. If you don’t have a plan in place, you’re going to be making it up on the spot as you deal with the incident. And that’s going to take time, which is a precious commodity that you don’t have when dealing with a data breach or cyber incident. If you have a good plan, it’s going to reduce the costs of a breach.

Hans Allnutt

DAC Beachcroft

We view the eRiskHub as the go-to platform for our policyholders. It’s a good resource that we can point our agents, brokers, and policyholder base to when they want to evaluate what their exposure may be. We use the breach cost calculator quite a bit. It’s a tool that we find very useful.

Evan Fenaroli

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

This is the conference I’ve always sponsored. I’ve been to a fair amount of them over the years. This is basically the only one I go to now; the only one I’m interested in.

Josh Ladeau

Aspen Insurance

For our proactive pre-breach services for our insureds, eRiskHub is central. It’s step one in the process. Get them registered and help them use some of the risk control materials. eRiskHub helps them understand what happens in a scenario, what the loss might look like, and how to mitigate those expenses. So, we really do value the eRiskHub. It’s been very well received and it’s a central part of our process for loss control.

Brian Robb

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty

NetDiligence is unique in that as it’s grown, it’s been able to continue with that culture of responsiveness, of friendliness, of professionalism, of integrity. It’s a great company to work with.

Tracey Vispoli

Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions

NetDiligence’s conference content is carefully curated. It’s not panels that are thrown together. These are planned-out sessions with top-notch quality speakers providing real insights into cyber risk concepts that you’re not going to get anywhere else. The value we get from that is just tremendous.

John Coletti

Swiss Re

We were probably one of the first to license the eRiskHub portal and we’ve gotten great feedback from our clients on it. The wealth of information provided by the eRiskHub makes our clients more prepared for a data breach and for a privacy event. So, it’s been a fantastic service, extremely valuable to our clients.

John Coletti

Swiss Re

The growth in cyber risk and cyber insurance (industries) can really almost be directly correlated to the success of NetDiligence, being that central hub, so to speak that has brought this community together.”

John Coletti

Head of Cyber Reinsurance, Swiss Re

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