Streamlining Cyber Risk Management

To support our partners in the cyber insurance industry and beyond, NetDiligence® provides a comprehensive bespoke online platform called the eRiskHub®. This SaaS offering is the key to educating and empowering the entire cyber ecosystem from cyber insurance underwriters, claims support, and brokers to cyber policyholders and their internal staff.

Develop the next generation of cyber insurance professionals and policyholders

The eRiskHub portal helps insurers and their policyholders combat cyber losses by keeping the costs and damage from cyber incidents minimal, manageable, and predictable.

The eRiskHub portal is designed for the prevention, reporting, and recovery of losses caused by cyber incidents by providing access to an extensive array of proactive (preventative) and reactive (recovery) information, education, and services.

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Incident Preparedness Breach Coach


Incident Preparedness Breach Coach


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Unique Value for Your Cyber Insurance Product

Leverage our innovative platform to deliver robust value and differentiate part of your cyber insurance product. Deliver cutting edge training and resources using curated eRiskHub materials or your internal training materials to outshine your competitors’ offerings.

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Informed Policyholders = Improved Loss Control

Cyberattacks and claims are increasing. eRiskHub users benefit from having powerful educational tools and threat intel to stay ahead of modern-day cyber threats as they evolve; resulting in more controlled and predictable losses. eRiskHub serves as a direct channel to policyholders delivering tools and resources to help them:

  1. Understand their unique cyber risk exposures
  2. Develop and bolster their organizations cyber readiness
  3. Fight & minimize the effects of a breach on their organizations

Train the Next Generation

Educate your internal staff of cyber insurance professionals. Keep them up to date with the latest trends in the cyber risk landscape. Quickly and easily onboard new hires or upskill your most experienced staff.

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Empowered Cyber Insureds

Get policyholders “cyber ready” by keeping their organizations insurable and prepared for cyber risk. With access to a wide variety of security awareness training, virtual tabletop exercises, and step-by-step guides, helping your policyholders understand and manage their unique cyber risk exposures has never been easier.

Growth Opportunities for Cyber Brokers

Cyber insurance brokers enjoy a scalable, white-labeled solution to help them grow and retain your book of business. Deliver your own materials and resources directly to clients. Use the eRiskHub as a centralized portal to provide new resources and policy documents when clients change providers.

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Simple to Setup and Maintain

Get up and running in weeks, not months. Our white-glove support team will act as your guide to develop your portal quickly and easily. Our team will customize and maintain your portal with new resources for your users. 

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