A Marketing Program for Your Practice

Data breaches and privacy violations dominate today’s headlines. The volume and severity of incidents seem to increase every year. Forward-thinking law firms like yours have built entire practice areas to address this growing problem. Do your firm’s clients know that?

The NetDiligence Breach Coach® Cyber Portal can position your firm to receive that critical first call following a breach event, but it also provides a platform like no other to truly showcase all the areas of expertise your firm has to offer.

Our portal not only positions you as the go-to authority in the event of a data breach, but it enables you to grow your share of the market in privacy and data security.

Make the most of your expertise

The NetDiligence Authorized Breach Coach® program positions you as a specialist in data privacy and breach response, enabling you to expand your market reach and showcase your expertise. As affirmation by an industry leader, the Breach Coach seal differentiates your firm from competitors.

  • Your firm’s clients HAVE cyber risk. Give them free access to your Breach Coach Cyber Portal as a value-added benefit of their relationship with the firm. They’ll learn they can come to you with all their data security & privacy needs.
  • Promote your Breach Coach Cyber Portal in your social media outlets, on your firm’s blog, at client meetings and in your email communications.
  • Deliver value-added services exclusively through your Breach Coach Cyber Portal. If you provide Incident Response Planning or Tabletop Exercises, add information about those services to your portal and direct clients to login to get the details.
  • Showcase your specialists as “coaches.” In addition to Breach Coach, you might choose to set up a HIPAA Coach or a Data Security Coach to answer questions from clients.
  • Establish mutual referrals with preferred third-party data breach providers and feature them along with your other coaches. Alliance partners can promote your services while you promote theirs, driving business on both sides.

Differentiates your firm as a NetDiligence Authorized Breach Coach

The NetDiligence Authorized Breach Coach program validates your expertise and experience in data privacy and breach response. You’ll be able to use the Breach Coach seal on your website, social media, email signatures, and marketing materials such as business cards, slides, brochures, etc. The seal will link back to our website, where you’ll be included on our list of authorized firms.

Provides clients with a crisis hotline & help center

Make sure all clients of your firm understand that that first call in a cyber crisis should go to you and your team of seasoned breach response experts. With the help of your portal, you can illustrate to clients that as their Breach Coach, they can rely on you to help them navigate the legal and compliance requirements of best-practices breach response.

Includes robust educational resources to help clients get 'cyber ready'

Your Breach Coach Cyber Portal will be invaluable to clients who want to mitigate their cyber exposures before the bad thing happens. In addition to your services, they’ll find a cyber news center, a learning center with best-practices articles and whitepapers, a tools center with free self-assessments, cost calculators, and a ransomware mock breach exercise — with content updated regularly by NetDiligence.

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