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NetDiligence Announces Strategic Alliance with Information Shield

Integrates Cyber Risk Management Platform into eRiskHub®

PHILADELPHIA, May 18, 2016 – NetDiligence®, a leading cyber risk assessment and data breach services company, announced today it has formed a strategic alliance with Information Shield, a leading provider of information security policy and compliance solutions.

NetDiligence has integrated Information Shield’s newest solution, ComplianceShield™, into the NetDiligence eRiskHub® platform as an optional feature, providing insurers that license the portal with a streamlined way to help their policyholders build and maintain strong information security programs that reduce their overall risk.

ComplianceShield™ is a cloud-based solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) automate the development and management of a customized information security program. The product comes bundled with tools needed to demonstrate a sound cyber risk posture, including security policies, security awareness training, program automation and a wizard-driven interface. ComplianceShield can enable insurers to reduce the cyber risk of their client portfolio, while providing consistent visibility into the security practices at the portfolio and individual client level.

Insurers can choose to make a trial version of ComplianceShield available to their registered eRiskHub clients at no cost. Within minutes, covered clients have a set of “essential” information security policies and security awareness training for up to 10 employees. Clients that want a more robust feature set can easily upgrade to a low-cost annual subscription.

“NetDiligence elected to integrate ComplianceShield into the eRiskHub because we understand that company insiders account for the majority of data breaches, whether by malicious intent or simple staff mistake,” said Mark Greisiger, president of NetDiligence. “ComplianceShield addresses that problem directly by making it easier for businesses, even businesses without any information security expertise in-house, to focus on the specific things they need to do to improve their organizational security posture.”

Information Shield will be showcasing ComplianceShield and its integration to eRiskHub at this year’s NetDiligence Cyber Liability Conference in Philadelphia on June 7th and 8th.

Media Contact:
Mark Greisiger
President, NetDiligence®
[email protected]

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About NetDiligence®

NetDiligence® is a cyber risk assessment and data breach services company. Since 2001, NetDiligence has conducted thousands of enterprise-level cyber risk assessments for a broad variety of organizations, including public entities, financial services, retailers, software developers, medical providers and universities. NetDiligence services are used by cyber liability insurers in the U.S. and U.K. to support loss-control and education objectives. The NetDiligence eRiskHub® ( is licensed by a majority of cyber liability insurers. NetDiligence also publishes an annual Cyber Claims Study and hosts annual Cyber Liability Conferences in multiple locations. For more information, visit

About Information Shield

Information Shield has provided information security policy and compliance products to over 10,000 organizations in 60 countries. Since 2004, Information Shield has focused exclusively on helping organizations document their information security and data privacy programs. ComplianceShield™ provides companies with an easy, affordable tool to demonstrate compliance and reduce cyber risk. Organizations can get started in minutes with a free trial at

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