Data Breach Planning & Response

Breach Plan Connect, powered by NetDiligence®, helps your organization develop an Incident Response Plan (IRP) and execute incident response efficiently, effectively and in adherence to the plan.

Breach Plan Connect features an online “Build Your Plan” tool that guides your organization step-by-step in developing a customized Incident Response Plan. Our tool makes sure that your plan contains all the elements of a sound plan — one that will stand up to regulator scrutiny.

We also host the approved plan for you, so employees can access it quickly whenever needed. We even send you email reminders when its time to review and update your plan.

Breach Plan Connect also helps ensure that your organization adheres to its plan when responding to suspected incidents. Our online tools enable you to log an incident, document incident specifics and check off the action items in your response plan as they are completed.

Added Value for the C-Suite

Regulators, and the market in general, are pushing organizations to get proactively engaged in cyber risk management at the highest levels. Why?

Because cybersecurity and privacy failures can generate class action law suits, shareholder derivative claims, bad publicity, regulator fines, and onerous SEC reporting requirements.

For these reasons, Breach Plan Connect includes tools & education for your organization’s C-Suite and Board of Directors.


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