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We bring to your attention a sampling of recent media stories involving cyber risk & privacy liability. Among the stories we’re highlighting this month: Citibank Sued Over Failure to Defend Customers Against Hacks, Personal Data of Over a Third of U.S. Patients Affected in Breaches in 2023, Authorities Investigating Massive Security Breach at Global Affairs Canada, and more.

Financial Services

1.5 Million Affected by Data Breach at Insurance Broker Keenan & Associates

Insurance brokerage firm Keenan & Associates says personal information was stolen in an August 2023 cyberattack. During that time, the attackers exfiltrated some data from the company’s systems, including personal information that Keenan had received and utilized to provide services to its clients. Click to read entire article.

Citibank Sued Over Failure to Defend Customers Against Hacks, Fraud

New York Attorney General Letitia James sued Citibank over its alleged failure to defend customers against hacks and scams and refusal to reimburse victims after allowing fraudsters to steal millions from their accounts. The NY Attorney General’s lawsuit against Citibank says the financial institution’s refusal to compensate victims of fraud is a violation of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA), which mandates that banks reimburse customers for any funds lost or stolen via unauthorized electronic transactions. Click to read entire article.

LoanDepot Class Action Alleges Company Failed to Prevent Massive Data Breach

Mortgage lender LoanDepot Inc. is facing a class action lawsuit alleging its “willful failure” to prevent a data breach enabled unauthorized third parties to access more than 16 million consumers’ sensitive personal information. Click to read entire article.

Financial Data From 53M Individuals Involved in Data Breaches

Insurance group Chaucer found there was a 90% increase in peoples’ financial data being involved in cyber attacks in 2023 compared to 2022. Click to read entire article.


PJ&A Data Breach Fallout Continues, 4M Additional Individuals Impacted

Concentra Health Services reported a nearly 4 million-record data breach to HHS stemming from a previously disclosed data breach at Perry Johnson & Associates, a medical transcription company. Click to read entire article.

Personal Data of Over a Third of U.S. Patients Affected in Breaches in 2023

A recent analysis by the Healthnews team reveals that 2023 set a new record for healthcare data breaches. Last year, the personal information of 135.2 million patients was compromised, affecting over a third of Americans — more than in 2022 and 2021 combined. Click to read entire article.

Four Hospitals Suffering Data Breaches

A data breach can have a serious impact on a hospital’s financial and reputational well-being. Here are four hospitals reporting data breaches Becker’s has reported on since Jan. 5: Click to read entire article.

314,000 Patients Affected by Cyberattack on CompleteCare Health Network

CompleteCare Health Network, a health system serving patients in southern New Jersey, has recently confirmed that the protected health information of 313,973 patients has potentially been compromised in an October 2023 ransomware attack. Click to read entire article.

Plaza Radiology Data Breach Affects up to 569,000 Patients

Plaza Radiology, which does business as Chattanooga Imaging across several locations in Tennessee and North Georgia, has suffered a cyberattack and data breach that has affected up to 569,000 patients. Click to read entire article.

Public Entities (Counties)

Clay County Continuing to Alert Residents to October 2023 Data Breach

(Moorhead, MN) — Clients of social service programs in 18 Minnesota counties may have had sensitive information stolen. Clay County officials say they experienced a data breach on their website in October during a ransomware attack. An investigation revealed that Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates, service information, and insurance information may have been affected. Click to read entire article.

Fulton Court Clerks, Tax and DMV Offices Closed to Residents due to Hack

The cyberattack that took down many of Fulton County’s computer systems also left Edgar Summers frustrated for a second straight day. Click to read entire article.


Authorities Investigating Massive Security Breach at Global Affairs Canada

Canadian authorities are investigating a prolonged data security breach following the “detection of malicious cyber activity” affecting the internal network used by Global Affairs Canada staff, according to internal department emails viewed by CBC News. Click to read entire article.


Schneider Electric Responding to Ransomware Attack, Data Breach

Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Business division was disrupted as a result of a ransomware attack and data breach. Click to read entire article.

Asia Pac

Cybersecurity Firm Claims Data Leak of 750M Telecom Users, DoT Asks Telcos for Security Audit

New Delhi: The Department of Telecom has asked service operators for a security audit of their systems following claims by a cybersecurity firm that data of 750 million Indian subscribers has been leaked, a government official said. Cybersecurity firm CloudSEK has claimed that its researchers have found that hackers are selling 1.8 terabyte of a database comprising 750 million Indian mobile consumers on the dark web. Click to read entire article.

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