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We are committed to adapting our educational programs to address breaking news and emerging trends. With that in mind, the agenda below is subject to change as the event approaches. Registered attendees will be notified by email if significant changes are made to the agenda.

All times listed are ET.

Day 1: Monday, March 22

10:00 AM — 11:30 AM

History of War & Current Threat Landscape

Part I:
  • Fireside Chat with Admiral Michael Rogers

Part II:

  • Definition of War
  • Declarations of War
  • Why is cyber complicating this?
  • Current Threat Landscape
  • Why is what we have not fit for purpose?
  1. Yosha DeLong (M), Mosaic Insurance
  2. Jason Healey, Columbia University
  3. Martin Kreuzer, Munich Re
  4. Ariel Levite, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  5. Matthew McCabe, Kivu
  6. Admiral Michael Rogers, Former Director of the NSA & Commander of US Cyber Command
  7. Darren Thomson, CyberCube Analytics

Day 2: Tuesday, March 23

10:00 AM — 11:30 AM

Attribution & Characterization

Part I:
  • Overview & Definitions
  • Proving Nation State Action

Part II:

  • Claims Considerations
  • OFAC Compliance Checks & Penalties
  • Indemnification
  1. Erica Davis (M), Guy Carpenter
  2. Jon Bateman, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  3. Kimberly Horn, Beazley
  4. Theodore Kobus, Baker Hostetler
  5. James Perry, CrowdStrike
  6. Seth Sattler, Digital Mint

Day 3: Wednesday, March 24

10:00 AM — 11:30 AM

Legal Issues, Coverage & Exclusions

Part I:

  • International Law & Relevant Definitions
  • Insurance Case Law
  • Burden of proof
  • Tallin Manual

Part II:

  • CyberWar v Terrorism
  • Coverage Options and Solutions
  • The International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)insurance Pools (IFTRIP)

  1. Rachel Carter (M), The Geneva Association
  2. Peter Bransden, Willis Towers Watson
  3. Matt Harrison, RMS
  4. Julian Miller, DAC Beachcroft
  5. Helga Munger, Munich Re
  6. Sarah Stephens, Marsh JLT Specialty
  7. Matthew Webb, Hiscox

Day 4: Thursday, March 25

10:00 AM — 11:30 AM

Systemic Exposure & Aggregate Risk

  • Accumulative Risk
  • How is War Considered in the Models?
  • Need for Government Clarity
  1. Sarah Hibler (M), Moody's Investors Service
  2. Nick Beecroft, CyberCube Analytics
  3. Stephen Coates, Pool Re
  4. Rory Egan, Munich Re
  5. Catherine Mulligan, Aon

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