Sep 30 — Oct 02


We are committed to adapting our educational programs to address breaking news and emerging trends. With that in mind, the agenda below is subject to change as the event approaches. Registered attendees will be notified by email if significant changes are made to the agenda.

Day 1: Tuesday, March 28

11:00 AM — 1:00 PM

Women in Cyber Luncheon Sponsored by CFC and TransUnion

  1. Crystal Debideen, TransUnion Canada
  2. Vinita Jajware-Beatty , Enkompass Power & Energy Corporation
  3. Lindsey Nelson, CFC
3:00 PM — 3:45 PM

Workshop A: Pre-Breach Planning, Readiness & Resilience

  1. The problems: Interdependence, Growth of IoT, Siloed & Understaffed IT
  2. Beyond Simple Data Protection
  3. Preparing an Organization for Cyber Events
  4. Embracing Innovation from the Top Down
  5. Creating a More Resilient Business Model
  1. John Cassell (M), Norton Rose Fulbright Canada
  2. Aniket Bhardwaj, Charles River Associates
  3. Vinita Jajware-Beatty , Enkompass Power & Energy Corporation
  4. Greg Markell, Ridge Canada

Workshop B: Data Mining in Incident Response

  1. The Risks of Under & Over Notification
  2. Identifying Key Checkpoints of the Data Mining Process
  3. Identifying the Who, Where & What
  4. Use of Technologies to Reduce Cost
  5. Establishing a Repeatable Process
  6. Tieback to Preventive Mitigation
  1. Hélène Deschamps Marquis (M), Deloitte Legal Canada LLP
  2. Francine Armel, Tokio Marine Canada Ltd.
  3. Ruth Promislow, Bennett Jones LLP
  4. Mark Rowan , Data Sentinel
3:45 PM — 4:30 PM

Workshop A: Underwriting the Human Element & Workforce Risk

  1. Human Behavior Risks & Social Engineering
  2. How Phishable Are You?
  3. Strategies & Technologies to Close the Gap
  4. Creating Ongoing Educational Cadence
  5. Assessment & Continuing Evaluation of Effectiveness
  1. Stephen Boyce (M), Magnet Forensics
  2. Patrick Chouinard, Awee
  3. Vishal Kundi, BOXX Insurance
  4. Natalie LaMarche, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Workshop B: To Disclose or Not to Disclose? That is the Question

  • Internal & External Communications
  • Best Practices in Incident Response in Light of Increased Regulator Scrutiny
  • Who is Empowered to do what
  • Different Sets of Data that Trigger Disclosure 
  • Determining Factors for Notice Decision & Timing
  • Legal, Reputational, Operational & Financial Implications
  1. Greg Vanier (M), Edelman
  2. Rich Gatz , Arch Insurance
  3. Katherine Kolnhofer, Bell Temple LLP
  4. Leigh Tynan, TELUS
4:30 PM — 6:00 PM

Day 2: Wednesday, March 29

8:30 AM — 8:45 AM

Opening Remarks

  1. Heather Osborne (M), NetDiligence
  2. Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence
8:45 AM — 9:30 AM

Fireside Chat with Jamil Farshchi: Increasing Collaboration in Security

Equifax Chief Information Security Officer Jamil Farshchi will discuss what steps organizations can to take to increase collaboration within their enterprise, with their customers and vendors, and additionally with law enforcement, lawmakers, NGOs and government agencies.

  1. Imran Ahmad (M), Norton Rose Fulbright Canada
  2. Jamil Farshchi, Equifax
9:30 AM — 10:20 AM

Plenary: State of the Market: Catching Our Breath

  1. Notable Trends & Current Outlook
  2. Long Term Viability & Sustainability 
  3. Capacity & Reinsurance
  4. Talent Gap
  1. Jonathan Weekes (M), HUB International
  2. Connor Corcoran, Brit Insurance
  3. Brian Dagg, Gallagher
  4. Jacqueline Detablan, CNA
  5. Catherine Rudow, Everest Re
10:50 AM — 11:40 AM

Breakout A: Claims & Losses

  1. 2022 NetDiligence® Cyber Claims Study & Current Updates
  2. Types of Claims Being Covered
  3. Claims Notice & Handling
  4. Aggregation & Accumulation
  1. Julie Himo (M), Torys LLP
  2. Maria Pia Brunello, AXIS
  3. Emily Gray, Zurich Canada
  4. Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence
  5. Brett Stephenson, Dolden

Breakout B: Regulatory Updates: Focus on Privacy

  1. Legislative Regime Change
  2. Updates to Provincial Regulatory Schemes
  3. New Exposures for Business Practices Under Regulatory Expansions
  4. Enforcement & Penalties
  1. Imran Ahmad (M), Norton Rose Fulbright Canada
  2. Rachel Hayward, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta
  3. Rady Khuong, Commission d'acc�s � l'information du Qu�bec
  4. Michael McEvoy, Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia
11:40 AM — 12:30 PM

Breakout A: Nation State Activity & Predicting Risk

  1. Current Trends & Predicted Future Activity of Nation State Actors
  2. Leveraging Threat Intel to Support the Policyholder
  3. Collaboration Across Industries-Proactive Perspective
  4. Portfolio Risk, Aggregation & Accumulation
  1. Ian Birdsey (M), Clyde & Co LLP
  2. Brian Abellera, US Federal Bureau of Investigation
  3. William Altman, CyberCube Analytics
  4. Robert Moerman, KMPG in Canada
  5. Adam Williams, Beazley

Breakout B: Sector Risk: M&A Challenges

  1. The Current Reality of Risk in Transactions
  2. The Right Level of Cyber Due Diligence
  3. Legal Considerations in a M&A Transaction
  4. The Role of Cyber Insurance in a Transaction
  5. Interaction of Cyber Reps & Warranties
  1. Meike Payne (M), Travelers
  2. David Krebs, Miller Thomson LLP
  3. Alicia Panditharatne, HUB International
  4. Sam Thomas, Chubb
  5. Daniel Tobok, CYPFER
1:45 PM — 2:35 PM

Breakout A: Cyber and Other Lines

  1. Managing a Cyber Claim When There is Outsized D&O Exposure
  2. Security Before and After an Incident
  3. Shareholder Lawsuits
  4. Property, Crime and K&R
  5. Different BI Timelines Under Different Policies
  1. David Mackenzie (M), Blaney McMurtry
  2. Karen Continenza, Marsh
  3. Ben Davis, Superscript
  4. Andres Hinojosa, Beazley Canada Ltd.
  5. Yvonne Kitkarska, MDD Forensic Accountants

Breakout B: Threat Intel & Security Advisory Group Update

  1. Updates on Current Threat Actors, Strains, and Law Enforcement Wins
  2. Privilege and Reports
  1. Angela Feudo (M), Trisura
  2. Kayla Barker, Artic Wolf
  3. Evgueni Erchov, Arete
  4. Shelly Giesbrecht, CrowdStrike
  5. Don Wyper, DigitalMint Cyber Settlement Services
2:35 PM — 3:25 PM

Breakout A: What is Reasonable Cyber Security

  1. Terms & Definitions
  2. Various Standards of Reasonableness & Duty of Care
  3. Risk-Based Analysis & Best Practices
  4. Communicating To & Working With the Policyholder
  5. How it Affects Different Sizes of Organizations
  1. Eric Charleston (M), Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  2. Daniel Couillard, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security
  3. Roger Francis, CFC Response
  4. David Humphreys, Avasek
  5. Shawn McBurnie, Northland Power

Breakout B: Understanding & Avoiding the Pitfalls of Third-Party Events

  1. Overall Process for Third-Party Breach Management
  2. Common Challenges & Pitfalls of Third-Party Events
  3. Issues of Being Cut-Off from Third-Party Platforms During an Incident
  4. Downstream Implications & Issues of Subrogation
  1. Daanish Samadmoten (M), Fasken
  2. David Clark, Travelers Canada
  3. Brenda McCulloch , Teranet
  4. Tendai Moyo, Hugh Wood Canada Ltd
  5. Jaycee Roth, Kroll
3:25 PM — 3:55 PM
3:55 PM — 4:45 PM

Plenary: Future of Cyber Underwriting and Broking

  1. What is an InsureTech?
  2. What Insurance Areas Does InsureTech Solve?
  3. Broker Technology Platforms and Impact
  4. What is the Buyer's Perspective?
  5. How Does Traditional Insurance Fit into a Changing Landscape Driven by Technology?
  1. Katharine Hall (M), Aon
  2. Erin Flett, Chubb
  3. Kelly McGuinness, Coalition
  4. Christina Nagapetian, Resilience
  5. Ruby Rai, Marsh
4:45 PM — 6:15 PM

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