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We are committed to adapting our educational programs to address breaking news and emerging trends. With that in mind, the agenda below is subject to change as the event approaches. Registered attendees will be notified by email if significant changes are made to the agenda.

Day 1: Monday, April 26

11:00 AM — 11:45 AM

State of the Market

* High-Level Trends in the Market
* Pricing and Controls
* Risk Management and Supporting the Policyholder
* Innovation
  1. Sophia Kudlyk (M), Arete
  2. Patrick Bourk, Hub International Canada
  3. Kevin Gilligan, Guidewire
  4. Michael McCallum, Axis Canada
11:45 AM — 12:30 PM

Claims & Losses Trends & Updates

* Trends and Costs
* Predictions of How COVID-19 Will Effect IR, BI and Claims
* Ransomware and Portfolio Management

  1. Katherine Kolnhofer (M), Bell Temple LLP
  2. Linda Van den Brink, Travelers
  3. Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence
  4. Julie Himo, Torys
12:30 PM — 1:00 PM

Keeping the Board and C-Suite Engaged in Taking Cyber Security Seriously

* Why is board engagement crucial?
* What are some of the challenges in engaging the Board and C-Suite?
* How can CISOs align with business objectives?
  1. Ruby Rai (M), Marsh
  2. Kevvie Fowler, Deloitte
  3. Ira Parghi, Borden Ladner Gervais

Day 2: Tuesday, April 27

11:00 AM — 11:45 AM

Federal and Provincial Regulatory Update

* Regulatory Update
* Breach Reporting Statistics, Trends and Lessons
* Investigations and Notable Enforcements Actions
  1. Alex Cameron (M), Fasken
  2. Jill Clayton, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta
  3. Abubakar Khan, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  4. Patricia Kosseim, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
  5. Michael McEvoy, Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia
11:45 AM — 12:30 PM

Privacy Liability Litigation Update

* Recent Decisions and Pending Litigation
  1. David Clark (M), Travelers Canada
  2. Ted Charney, Charney Lawyers
  3. Eric Dolden, Dolden Wallace Folick LLP
12:30 PM — 1:00 PM

Breach Communications: Requirements and Best Practices

* Balancing Legal Risk & Regulatory Disclosure Requirements with Reputational Risk

* Protecting Brand & Reputation

* Tension Between Impacted Organizations adn Media

* Best Practices

  1. Kateri-Anne Grenier (M), Fasken
  2. Joe Fish, Equifax
  3. Greg Vanier, Edelman

Day 3: Wednesday, April 28

11:00 AM — 12:00 PM

Security Threat Trends in the Canadian Market

* Increased Focus on Cyber Preparedness
* New Variants & Strains Globally and in Canada
* Supply Chain Attacks & Pitfalls
* Dealing With Sanction Checks
* Claims & Losses
  1. Imran Ahmad (M), Norton Rose Fulbright Canada
  2. Laurence Gévry-Fortier, AIG
  3. Jen Miller-Osborn, Palo Alto Networks
12:00 PM — 12:30 PM

Vulnerability Management

  1. Vinny Sakore (M), NetDiligence
  2. Tony Harris, Booz Allen Hamilton
  3. Jared Phipps, SentinelOne
12:30 PM — 1:00 PM

Leveraging and Understanding Policyholder Scans

  • External Audits
  • Evaluating the Results
  • Case Studies
  • Challenges
  • Future Use of Technology in Underwriting 
  1. Neil Moloney, Risk Balance, Inc.
  2. Lindsey Nelson, CFC

Day 4: Thursday, April 29

11:00 AM — 11:40 AM

Ransomware: Proactive Planning and Preparation for a Ransomware Event

* Best Practices for Security for SME and Middle Market
* Building a Breach Plan
* Pre-Breach Services Offered by Carriers
* Endpoint Protection, Data Backup Options and Best Practices
* How to be Compliant with Your Cyber Policy
  1. David Mackenzie (M), Blaney McMurtry
  2. Shelly Giesbrecht, CrowdStrike Services
  3. Avi Mali, Zurich
  4. Greg Markell, Ridge Canada Cyber Solutions Inc.
11:40 AM — 12:20 PM

Lifecycle of a Ransomware Event

* Lay of the Ransomware Land
* Challenges that Arise in Incident
* Involvement of Law Enforcement
* Negotiation and Payment
* Ethics of Ransomware and Payment
* Impacts on Industry
  1. Mouna Hanna (M), Dolden Wallace Folick LLP
  2. Kenrick Bagnall, Toronto Police Service
  3. Shelley Ma, Coalition
  4. Jaycee Roth, Kroll
12:20 PM — 1:00 PM

Post-Breach Remediation and Restoration

* What is "Bricking?"
* Data Recovery and the Importance of Back-Ups
* Insurance Coverage
* Financial Considerations 

  1. Ruth Promislow (M), Bennett Jones LLP
  2. Kevin Dawson, ISA Cybersecurity
  3. Michélle Lawson, Willis Towers Watson
  4. Scott Swift, Swiss Re

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