Sep 30 — Oct 02


We are committed to adapting our educational programs to address breaking news and emerging trends. With that in mind, the agenda below is subject to change as the event approaches. Registered attendees will be notified by email if significant changes are made to the agenda.

Day 1: Monday, October 10

2:00 PM — 7:00 PM
3:00 PM — 3:45 PM

Seminar A: To Notify or Not to Notify? That is the Question

  • Getting the Balance Right When There is No Legal Disclosure Obligation
  • Different Sets of Data Trigger Disclosure & Some Do Not
  • Determining Factors for Notice Decision & Timing
  • Legal, Reputational, Operational & Financial Implications
  1. Michael Phillips (M), CFC
  2. Aideen Gaffney, Epiq
  3. Sadia Mirza, Troutman Pepper
  4. Jamie Singer, FTI Consulting

Seminar B: Reducing Cyber Risk & Improving Information Governance

  • Workforce Cyber Risk
  • Controlling Cyber Risk Posture & Improving Processes for Protecting Data
  • Identifying & Protecting Information Assets & Sensitive Data
  • Prioritizing Mitigation Projects for Best Cyber Insurance Underwriting Outcomes
  1. Patrick Olohan (M), Elevate Security
  2. Aaron Aanenson , Bitsight
  3. Doug Howard, Pondurance
  4. Matthew Miller, HaystackID
3:45 PM — 4:30 PM

Seminar A: Data Mining in Incident Response

  • The Risk of Over & Under Notification
  • Identifying Key Checkpoints of the Data Mining Process
  • Identifying The Who, Where & What
  • Use of New Technologies to Reduce Costs
  • Establishing a Repeatable Process

  1. Stu Panensky (M), Pierson Ferdinand LLP
  2. Gwenn Cujdik, AXA XL
  3. Susana Medeiros, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
  4. Michael Sarlo, HaystackID

Seminar B: A Walk on the Dark Side

  • The Dark Web: Definitions, Access & Navigation
  • Risks on the Dark Web
  • Commercialization of Stolen Data
  • The Dark Web Marketplace
  1. Christine Mapes (M), Arete
  2. Guillermo Christensen, K&L Gates
  3. Eric Skinner, Trend Micro
  4. James Taliento, AFTRDRK

Day 2: Tuesday, October 11

8:15 AM — 8:30 AM
8:30 AM — 8:45 AM

Opening Keynote Address

  1. Dan Trueman (M), CFC
8:45 AM — 9:15 AM

Fireside Chat: The Anatomy of a Resilient Organization

The Anatomy of a Resilient Organization

Every organization today is dealing with unprecedented cybersecurity challenges, from digital supply chain vulnerabilities and surge in ransomware, to a proliferation of data and new threats from emerging technologies. Risk is accelerating across every business. What separates strong organizations from those most vulnerable? Resiliency. Equifax Chief Information Security Officer Jamil Farshchi will discuss what steps organizations need to take to build resilience across their enterprise.

  1. Lauren Winchester (M), Corvus Insurance
  2. Jamil Farshchi, Equifax
9:15 AM — 10:05 AM

Plenary: 2022 Claims & Losses

  • Review of the 2022 NetDiligence® Cyber Claims Study
  • Types of Claims Being Covered
  • Claims Notice & Handling
  1. Sean Hoar (M), Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP
  2. Tamara Ashjian, Tokio Marine HCC
  3. Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence
  4. Eva Kwan, At-Bay
  5. Carolyn Purwin Ryan, Mullen Coughlin LLC
10:35 AM — 11:25 AM

Breakout A: State of the Market: Focus on the Middle Market

  • Broad Market Dynamics
  • Middle Market: How do we define & how is this market served?
  • Areas of Vulnerability
  • Risk Management & Support of the Policyholder
  • Product Availability & Innovation
  1. Nina Pappas (M), AXIS
  2. Tim Burke, IMA, Inc.
  3. Erin Burns, INSUREtrust
  4. Cassie Quaranta, Crum & Forster
  5. Clay Stabert, Sompo

Breakout B: Cybersecurity: A 24/7 Interactive Sport

  • Roles, Responsibilities & Interactions Within an Organization
  • Technologies that Mitigate Risk
  • Configuration & Monitoring of the Environment to Reduce Operational Risk
  • Efficient Design & Delivery of Risk Transfer Solutions
  • Policyholder Perspective 
  1. Florence Levy (M), Marsh
  2. Tim Brown, SolarWinds
  3. Joe Levy, Sophos
  4. Brandon Welch, Beazley

Breakout C: US Litigation Update

  • Recent Developments in Data Breach & Privacy Litigation
  1. Michael Bruemmer (M), Experian
  2. Patrick Barthle, Morgan & Morgan
  3. Anjali Das, Wilson Elser
  4. Doug Meal, Orrick
11:25 AM — 12:15 PM

Breakout A: Making Silent Risks Explicit

  • Moving from Implicit to Explicit Cover
  • Insureds Understanding of Systemic Risk
  • Better Accumulation Management
  • Increasing Transparency
  1. Matthew Prevost (M), Chubb
  2. Patrick Bousfield, Howden Re
  3. Dan Burke, Woodruff Sawyer
  4. Tim Nunziata, Nationwide
  5. Chris Storer, Munich Re

Breakout B: Next-Gen Security

  • Current State of Cyber Security Requirements for Obtaining Cyber Insurance
  • Future State of Those Requirements
  • Path to Proper Cyber Risk Engineering
  • How will we get there?
  1. Max Perkins (M), AXIS
  2. Megan North, Amwins
  3. Justyna Pikinska, Gallagher Re
  4. Brendan Rooney, Booz Allen
  5. Steven Sholtis, Next Level3

Breakout C: US Regulatory Update

  • State Attorneys General Update
  • Spotlight on New/Pending State Regulations
  • Trends in Enforcement & Anticipated Enforcement
  • Approaches to Complain with Multiple State Privacy Laws
  1. Lindsay Nickle (M), Lewis Brisbois
  2. Gene Fishel, Commonwealth of Virginia Office of Attorney General
  3. Timothy Murphy, Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General
  4. Jared Rinehimer, Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General
12:15 PM — 1:30 PM
1:30 PM — 2:20 PM

Breakout A: Evolution of Reinsurance Products

  • Demystifying the Reinsurance Process
  • A More Appeased Market Environment?
  • Value of Product
  • Reinsurance vs. Other Forms of Capital
  • Evolution and Innovation of Products
  1. Anthony Cordonnier (M), Guy Carpenter
  2. Richard DePiero, Sompo
  3. Rotem Iram, At-Bay
  4. Alex Podmore, Swiss Re
  5. Catherine Rudow, Everest Re

Breakout B: Emerging Risk: What the Heck is the Metaverse?

  • A Lucrative Decentralized Marketplace
  • Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Complex Deals, Emerging Lawsuits
  • Privacy & Security Concerns
  • Insurance Considerations
  1. John Farley (M), Gallagher
  2. Bill Hardin, Charles River Associates
  3. Malia Mason, Corvus Insurance
  4. Veronica Reynolds, BakerHostetler
  5. Shiraz Saeed, Arch Insurance

Breakout C: Cyber as a Environmental, Social and Governance Risk

  • Environmental, Social & Governance Metrics that Determine Policyholder Resilience
  • How they are Quantified & Tied to Organizational Performance 
  • The Role Insurance Plays in Reducing the Risk
  •  How Typical ESG Reporting Frameworks Incorporate Cyber Risk as a Financially Material Risk
  • How the Metrics of Risk Assessment Change as the Threat Vectors Evolve
  1. Cristina Dolan (M), RSA NetWitness
  2. Peter Hawley, Cyber Risk Author and Analyst
  3. Scott Kannry, Axio Global
  4. Itay Yamin, McKinsey & Company
2:20 PM — 3:10 PM

Breakout A: Sector Risk: Media in Cyber and Cyber in Media

  • Overview & Evolution of Media Policies
  • Crossover Risks
  • Media Company Exposures to Cyber Risks
  • Exclusions
  1. Robert Rosenzweig (M), Risk Strategies
  2. Samantha Billy, Aon
  3. Julie Choi Hawkinson, Atheria Law PC
  4. Dan Meacham, Legendary Entertainment
  5. Abigail Oliver , Ascot Group

Breakout B: The BEC Money Mules: Where Does the Funds Transfer Fraud Money Go?

  • Current Trends in BEC Losses
  • Anatomy & Limitations of Law Enforcement BEC Investigations
  • View from Incident Response on Technology & Training Solutions
  • View from Insurance on Managing & Mitigating BEC Losses
  • Collaboration Between Insurance, Vendors & Law Enforcement 
  1. Daniel Haier (M), Cipriani & Werner PC
  2. John Butler, CNA
  3. Jeffrey Chan, MOXFIVE
  4. Greg Dunlavey, New York County District Attorney's Office
  5. Justine Killion, New York City Police Department

Breakout C: Business Interruption, Restoration and Remediation

  • Clarity on What Services R&R Teams Provide in a Claims Situation
  • Benefits of Using an R&R Team
  • Business Interruption Reduction Techniques
  • Success Stories (and Maybe a Horror Show)
  1. Shawn Melito (M), BreachQuest
  2. Colin Battersby, McDonald Hopkins
  3. David Duncan, Redpoint Cybersecurity
  4. Jessica Eldridge, J.S. Held LLC
  5. Erika Nelson, Allied World
3:40 PM — 5:00 PM

Breakout A: Ransomware Advisory Group Update

  • Updates on Current Threat Actors, Strains & Law Enforcement Wins
  1. Billy Gouveia (M), Surefire Cyber
  2. Todd Doss, Ankura
  3. Evgueni Erchov, Arete
  4. Nathan Little, Tetra Defense
  5. Preston Miller, Palo Alto Networks Unit 42
  6. Sean Renshaw, RSM US LLP
  7. Jaycee Roth, Kroll

Breakout B: The Talent Gap from Two Perspectives

Part One: The Young Professional's Point of View: Myth Busters

  • Myth 1: It's All About the Money
  • Myth 2: It's All About the Title
  • Myth 3: I'm Playing Favorites

Part Two: Industry Response

  • Resources are Limited: Shifting the Compensation Scale to Accommodate Supply v Demand v Upskilling
  • Rewards & Recognition Beyond Compensation
  • Environment, Corporate Culture & Structure of Our Organizations
  • Growing the Base: Pre-College & College Recruiting, Upskilling Through Training, Formal Development
  1. Michelle Chia (M), AXA XL
  2. Courtney Maugé, NFP
  3. Madison Mooney, Coalition
  4. Eliza Paltauf, Zurich NA
  5. Lauren Roth, Marsh
  6. Lee Trotter, MOXFIVE
  7. Tracey Vispoli, Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions
  8. Mike Wager, MOXFIVE
5:00 PM — 6:30 PM

Day 3: Wednesday, October 12

9:00 AM — 9:50 AM

Plenary: International Legal & Regulatory Update

  • Global Updates on New & Pending Legislation
  • Collaboration Between Jurisdictions
  • Notable Civil Actions
  1. Joshua Mooney (M), Kennedys
  2. Julie Himo, Torys LLP
  3. Eleanor Ludlam, Pinsent Masons
  4. John Moran, Clyde & Co LLP
  5. Cinthia Granados Motley, Dykema Gossett PLLC
9:50 AM — 10:40 AM

Plenary: Nation State Activity & Predicting Risk

  • Current Trends & Predicted Future Activity of Nation State Actors
  • Leveraging Threat Intel to Support the Policyholder
  • Portfolio Risk
  1. Catherine Mulligan (M), Aon
  2. Matt Harrison, Moody's RMS
  3. Matthew McCabe, Guy Carpenter
  4. Brian Robb, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance
  5. Kurt Sanger, Integrated Cybersecurity Partners LLC
11:10 AM — 12:00 PM

Plenary: Future of Cyber Underwriting and Broking

  • Demystifying InsureTechs
  • Digital Integration, APIs & Technology
  • Balance Between Cyber Disclosures & Application Requirements
  • IP Considerations
  • Non-Traditional Cyber Harms
  • How Much Risk Should be Transferred Versus Retained
  1. Brian Thornton (M), ProWriters
  2. Shannon Groeber, CFC
  3. Anne Hasenstab, Relay Platform
  4. Nadia Hoyte, USI Insurance Services
  5. Shannon Roth, Coalition
12:00 PM — 12:00 PM

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