San Diego

May 20–22, 2024


We are committed to adapting our educational programs to address breaking news and emerging trends. With that in mind, the agenda below is subject to change as the event approaches. Registered attendees will be notified by email if significant changes are made to the agenda.

Day 1: Monday, May 20

12:30 PM — 12:30 PM
1:45 PM — 2:00 PM

Opening Welcome Remarks

  1. Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence
  2. Heather Osborne, NetDiligence
2:00 PM — 2:50 PM

Plenary: 2024 Claims & Losses Update

  1. Jennifer Coughlin (M), Mullen Coughlin LLC
  2. Karrieann Couture, Aon
  3. Tim Francis, Travelers
  4. Micah Howser, NetDiligence
  5. Scott Tenenbaum, AXIS
2:50 PM — 3:40 PM

Plenary: Ransomware Advisory Group Updates

Learn about the evolving ransomware landscape and attack vectors/methods. Come away from this session with current sector intelligence to help develop effective policy coverage strategies and tactical policyholder due-diligence requirements in order to make cost-effective, ransomware-specific cyber insurance products available to the policyholders.

  1. Max Henderson (M), Pondurance
  2. Andrew Davis, Kivu Consulting Inc.
  3. Matthew Dowling, Surefire Cyber
  4. Vince Harrelson, MOXFIVE
  5. Yinan Yang, Crowdstrike
4:10 PM — 5:00 PM

Plenary: Anatomy of a Class Action Surge

  1. How to Prepare for the Next Class Action Wave
  2. Analysis of Most Recent Surges: Metapixel, BIPA, etc.
  3. Geographic & Jurisdictional Hotspots
  4. Shared Core Issues
  5. Obtaining Consent for the Next Technology
  6. Measurement Tool that Could Implicate Privacy Regulations & Rights
  7. Mapping to the Next Technological Implementation

  1. Melissa Siebert (M), Cozen O'Connor
  2. Bolanle Akinrimsi, Beazley
  3. Cheryl Napurano, Chubb
  4. Jamison Narbaitz, Atheria Law

Day 2: Tuesday, May 21

8:30 AM — 9:00 AM

Plenary: Navigating the Future of Cloud Security: A Fireside Chat with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity, staying ahead of threats while fostering innovation is paramount. This exclusive fireside chat at the NetDiligence Cyber Risk Summit in San Diego brings together two giants in the technology and cybersecurity arenas: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Trend Micro. The discussion will explore AWS's approach to building a secure cloud environment, insights into the latest cybersecurity trends, and how AWS is enabling its customers to understand how to assess and mitigate the risks involved with cloud adoption. Attendees will gain a unique perspective on the collaboration between cloud service providers and cybersecurity firms to enhance the security posture of businesses worldwide. Key takeaways will include actionable strategies for risk management, the importance of regulatory compliance in a cloud-first world, and the future of cybersecurity in the era of cloud computing.

  1. David Roth (M), Trend Micro
  2. Sean Lewis, Amazon Web Services
9:00 AM — 9:50 AM

Breakout A: Cyber Business Income Loss Disputes

  1. Identifying the Key Elements of Business Income Cyber Loss Claims
  2. Identifying & Facilitating Discussions on Strategies to Address Business Income Cyber Loss Disputes
  3. Overlaps: Brand Guard & Reputational Harm v Income Loss

  1. Tamara Ashjian (M), Tokio Marine HCC
  2. Rica Herrera, Baker Tilly
  3. Justin Lavella, Blank Rome LLP
  4. Steve Moseley, Berkeley Research Group LLC
  5. Judy Selby, Kennedys

Breakout B: Harmonizing the Notification Paradigm

  1. Patchwork of Notification Requirements Under State & Federal Law
  2. Understanding Interagency Communication & Collaboration
  3. Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022
  4. How to Improve Stakeholder Awareness & Capabilities

  1. Dominik Cvitanovic (M), Wilson Elser
  2. R. Kyle Alagood, U.S. House of Representatives
  3. Jennifer Wilson, Newfront
9:50 AM — 10:40 AM

Breakout A: Other Lines with Exposure from Cyber Incidents

  1. D&O, E&O, K&R Policies
  2. Other Lines Impact on 1st & 3rd Party Losses
  3. Exclusions
  4. Best Way to Spread the Loss

  1. Alexandra Bretschneider (M), Johnson Kendall & Johnson
  2. James Burns, CFC
  3. Anjali Camara, Amwins
  4. Scott Godes, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
  5. Eva Kwan, At-Bay

Breakout B: Current Trends in Class Action Certifications & Settlements

  1. New & Notable Certifications
  2. Charting Settlements & Amounts
  3. Metrics
  4. Econometrics & Setting Reserves

  1. Casie Collignon (M), BakerHostetler LLP
  2. Jill Fertel, Cipriani & Werner PC
  3. Kelly Lee, Ascot Group
  4. Michael McClain, The Benson Firm
  5. Stephanie Snyder Frenier, CAC Specialty
10:40 AM — 11:10 AM
11:10 AM — 12:00 PM

Breakout A: Wrongful Use and Misuse of Data

  1. Anatomy of Compliance Programs & Privacy Frameworks
  2. Transformative Technologies & the Importance of the Data Ecosystem
  3. Why care about the CFPB - Emerging Risks & Regulatory Oversight
  4. Coverage & Exclusions

  1. Ronald Raether (M), Troutman Pepper LLP
  2. Ben Goodman, CyRisk
  3. Courtney Mauge, NFP
  4. Stu Panensky, FisherBroyles, LLP
  5. Bradley Vatrt, Vantage

Breakout B: Assessing AI Risk Management Frameworks

  1. Overview of New Frameworks, Protocols & AI Models
  2. Input Validation, Output Sanitization & Model Integrity
  3. Industries Facing the Heaviest Disruption
  4. Cyber & Other Policies Impacted

  1. John Farley (M), Gallagher
  2. Thomas Beale, Converge Insurance
  3. Hart Brown, Future Point of View
  4. Nick Graf, CNA
  5. Nabil Hannan, NetSPI
12:00 PM — 1:00 PM
1:00 PM — 1:50 PM

Breakout A: 23&Me and You: Underwriting Privacy as a Peril

  1. Underwriting Privacy as a Peril
  2. Mapping Risk to the Next Technology Implementation
  3. Obligations to Consumer or End User
  4. Personal Lines

  1. Peter Hedberg (M), Corvus Insurance
  2. Imani Barnes, Risk Strategies
  3. Safeer Mohammed, Crum & Forster

Breakout B: Sector Risk: Healthcare

  1. Healthcare Exposures to Cyber Risks
  2. Overview and Evolution of Healthcare Polices
  3. Claims & Interplay Between Policies
  4. Complexities of Incident Response

  1. Rachel Rossini (M), AXA XL
  2. James Jansen, Consilio
  3. Joe Niemczyk, Markel
  4. Karen Painter Randall, Connell Foley LLP
1:50 PM — 2:40 PM

Breakout A: CMMC (Cyber Security Model Certification): Could it become the government standard?

  1. Current Cybersecurity Requirements for Federal Contractors
  2. What CMMC Compliance Looks Like
  3. Cybersecurity False Claims Act Liability Case Study - Don't ignore your CISO!
  4. Insurer Takeaways - Improving Coverage Availability, High Risk for Compliance Fails

  1. Melissa Ventrone (M), Clark Hill PLC
  2. Stephen Boyce, Magnet Forensics
  3. Nadia Hoyte, USI Insurance Services
  4. Courtney Rose, Booz Allen Hamilton
  5. Travis Wong, Resilience

Breakout B: Sector Risk: New PCI Rules: Risks, Compliance & Preparation

  1. Historically PCI Compliance Has Been Instrumental in Translating to Low Claims
  2. The New PCI DSS 4.0 Rules in Effect March 1: Overview of Changes
  3. Anticipated Impact of Changes & Implications for Noncompliance
  4. Do PCI Standards Provide a Model for Better Protection of Other Classes of Data?

  1. Peter Smith (M), AXIS
  2. Dan Ryan, Kroll
  3. Kamran Salour, Lewis Brisbois
3:10 PM — 4:00 PM

Breakout A: Security Controls for Operational Technology

  1. What OT Environments Consist Of
  2. How OT Infrastructure is Secured
  3. Common Frameworks for Assessing & Mitigating OT Risk
  4. Industry Verticals with OT Risk Considerations
  5. Complexities of Responding to OT Cybersecurity Incident

  1. Brendan Rooney (M), Booz Allen Hamilton
  2. Bridget Quinn Choi, Woodruff Sawyer
  3. Clay Stabert, Sompo
  4. Mark Stacey, Dragos Inc.
  5. Christopher Warner, Guidepoint Security

Breakout B: Sector Risk: Higher Education

  1. Compliance Standards Depending on Class of Data
  3. Complexities of Incident Response
  4. Coverage & Exclusions

  1. Lisa Phillips (M), Marsh
  2. Steve Anderson, QBE
  3. Shawn Belovich, HaystackID
  4. Michael Bruemmer, Experian
  5. Sean Hoar, Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP
4:00 PM — 4:50 PM

Breakout A: Cybersecurity Insurance & Data Analysis Working Group (CIDAWG)

  1. CIDAWG Background and Proposed Scope
  2. Incident Types as Organizing Principle for Analyzing Controls Effectiveness
  3. DFIR & Insurance Carriers' Perspective
  4. Public-Private Partnership as the Path Forward

  1. Vinny Sakore (M), NetDiligence
  2. Nicholas Cozzi, Arctic Wolf
  3. Zakir Durumeric, Stanford University
  4. Olga Livingston, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  5. Matthew McCabe, Guy Carpenter

Breakout B: AI Regulations: International, Federal & the States

  1. AI is a Vast Landscape, Where is the current focus?
  2. The European Union Artificial Intelligence Act
  3. Federal & States View
  4. How can insurance prepare?

  1. Larissa Crum (M), Equifax
  2. Jennifer Beckage, The Beckage Firm
  3. Alex Cameron, Fasken
  4. Eleanor Ludlam, Pinsent Masons

Day 3: Wednesday, May 22

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