Sep 30 — Oct 02


We are committed to adapting our educational programs to address breaking news and emerging trends. With that in mind, the agenda below is subject to change as the event approaches. Registered attendees will be notified by email if significant changes are made to the agenda.

Pre-Conference Events

Intro to Cyber

NetDiligence® invites students, interns and summer associates to a groundbreaking Intro to Cyber program developed for future insurance, legal and technical security professionals. Learn about the dynamic and exciting world of Cyber Insurance from industry-leading speakers and network with representatives from some of the world's largest insurance companies. Held at the grand Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia, this morning event is free for all attendees. Register or learn more.

Women in Cyber Lunch

Join NetDiligence® for a candid discussion among women in cyber leaders from around the country. This conversation will highlight the benefits of a diverse cyber team and discuss how we can inspire, recruit, retain and advance women in this field. Panelists will include experts with a wide range of backgrounds and professional expertise from the insurance, legal and security sectors. Sponsored by Kroll and Saul Ewing. Cost for attending the lunch is US $30.00. Register or learn more.

Day 1: Tuesday, June 12

3:00 PM — 4:30 PM

Pre-Conference Workshop A: Interactive Breach Scenarios

  • An understanding of the more recent, and prevalent, cyber security threats
  • An overview of legal, compliance and response obligations
  • Strategies on dealing with hackers and media during a breach
  • How to mount a response and what services and products to include
  1. Matthew Meade (M), Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC
  2. Tamara Ashjian, Tokio Marine HCC
  3. Gregory Bautista, Mullen Coughlin LLC
  4. Billy Evans, Kivu
  5. Sam Huxley, LEVICK
  6. Katherine Keefe, Marsh
  7. Brookes Taney, Arete

Pre-Conference Workshop B: Roundtable - Filling the Talent Gap: How to Attract, Train and Retain Cyber Talent

  • How do you fill the talent gap?
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Expectations of Employee
  • Mutual Benefits of Talent Development
  1. Jackie Lee (M), Validus
  2. Gail Audibert, Audibert & Associates
  3. Lindsay Cunney, Chubb

Pre-Conference Workshop C: Seminar: Breach Risk Management Methodology

  • Quantifying and reducing risk of cyber security incidents
  • Maturity relative to segmented risk
  • Financial considertations in calculating the ROI
  1. Doug Howard (M), Pondurance
  2. Brian Thornton, ProWriters
  3. Marc Voses, Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck, LLP
5:00 PM — 7:00 PM

Day 2: Wednesday, June 13

7:00 AM — 8:30 AM
8:30 AM — 9:15 AM


  • Welcome
  • Opening Remarks
  • Opening Keynote
  1. Mark Greisiger (M), NetDiligence
  2. Josh Ladeau, Aspen Insurance
  3. Josh Shapiro, Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
9:15 AM — 10:00 AM

Claims and Losses Update: 2018 Trends

  • A Review of the 2017 NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study
  • Types of Claims Being Covered
  • Examination of Cost
  • Claims Notice and Claims Handling
  1. John Mullen (M), Mullen Coughlin LLC
  2. Beth Diamond, Beazley
  3. Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence
  4. Chris Novak, Verizon
  5. John Spiehs, Swiss Re
  6. Bradley Vatrt, Vantage Risk
10:10 AM — 11:00 AM

Breakout A: Brokers vs. Underwriters

  • Where does cyber coverage hide in non-cyber polices?
  • Intersections between cyber and property
  • Intersection between cyber and manufacturing
  • Interplay between cyber and crime coverages
  • When does D&O come into play?
  1. Meredith Schnur (M), Marsh
  2. John Coletti, Coalition
  3. Nick Economidis, Crum & Forster
  4. Shannon Groeber, CFC
  5. Christina Terplan, Atheria Law PC

Breakout B: Regulatory Update: NY Financial Regulations

  • Background and latest developments for Part 500
  • The role of the Part 500 FAQs
  • Where to look for regulatory guidance
  • The role of insurance in relation to Part 500
  1. Paul Greene (M), Harter Secrest & Emery LLP
  2. Adam Cottini, CrowdStrike
  3. Reg Harnish, GreyCastle Security
  4. Scott Morris, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York

Breakout C: The Life Cycle of Data

  • Creation of Data
  • Storage of Data
  • Destruction of Data
  • Assessing Data Management from an Insurance Perspective
  1. Steve Anderson (M), Safety National
  2. Kelli Artin, Ironshore
  3. Doug Brush, Special Counsel
  4. Todd Marlin, Ernst & Young LLP
11:00 AM — 11:25 AM
11:25 AM — 12:15 PM

Breakout A: Beyond Third Party Exposures

  • Reputational Harm, Bodily Injury, etc
  • Non Damages BI and Contingent BI
  • Non Affirmative (Silent) Cyber
  • Systemic Cyber Concerns
  1. Tim Francis (M), Travelers
  2. Brad Gow, Sompo
  3. Laurie Kamaiko, Saul Ewing LLP
  4. Christopher Keegan, Brown & Brown
  5. Pascal Millaire, CyberCube

Breakout B: Judicial Roundtable on Cyber Security

  • The judicial role in resolving disputes in civil litigation
  • The judicial perspective on cyber-related claims
  • Best practices for litigants and clients before the judiciary
  • Lessons learned
  • The future of cyber litigation
  1. Adam Losey (M), Losey PLLC
  2. The Hon. Joy Flowers Conti, Chief Judge, U.S. District Court, Western District of PA
  3. The Hon. Jonathan E. Hawley, U.S. Magistrate Judge, Central District of Illinois
  4. The Hon. Anthony Porcelli, U.S. Magistrate Judge, Middle District of Florida

Breakout C: Improving Insurance Industry and Government Collaboration

  • Improving collaboration for the common cyber security good
  • Understand past precedent for achieving greater inter-governmental and industry accord to solve grand risk challenges
  • Other risk segments wherein the insurance industry has achieved its risk engineering potential
  • Challenges inherent in the current cyber insurance marketplace
  • How the insurance industry can overcome those challenges
  1. Ronald Raether (M), Troutman Pepper
  2. Wyatt Hoffman, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  3. Scott Kannry, Axio Global
12:15 PM — 1:45 PM


  • Toby Merrill Award of Excellence
  • Keynote
  1. Suzanne Spaulding, Center for Strategic and International Studies
1:45 PM — 2:40 PM

Breakout A: GDPR and International Regulatory Update

  • GDPR: Report on Early Days
  • Asia & Australia
  • Other regulatory changes
  • Management of a True Multinational Cyber Breach
  1. Dan Trueman (M), CFC
  2. Ian Birdsey, Clyde & Co LLP
  3. Oliver Brew, Lockton Re
  4. Michael Bruemmer, Experian
  5. Jason Glasgow, Allied World

Breakout B: Biometric Privacy: The Next Wave of Privacy Liability

  • What is biometric information and how/why is it collected and used?
  • Technology that collects biometric information
  • Biometric privacy liability landscape
  • Biometric privacy class action lawsuits
  • Compliance with biometric privacy laws
  1. Ernest Koschineg (M), Cipriani & Werner PC
  2. Chris Dore, Edelson
  3. Julia Jacobson, Arent Fox
  4. Serge Jorgensen, Sylint
  5. Matthew Webb, Hiscox

Breakout C: Cyber Risk in Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Factors to be considered during the due diligence phase
  • Current state of the market during integration
  • Representations and warranties on cyber risk hygiene
  • Best practices for risk management during the integration of systems
  1. Robert Rosenzweig (M), Risk Strategies
  2. David Lallouz, Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt
  3. Andrew Lea, CNA
  4. Jessica Smith, Crypsis
2:50 PM — 3:45 PM

Breakout A: Industrial Internet of Things

  • Internet of Things Up and Down the Distribution Chain
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Industrial Control Systems (ICSs)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Coverage gaps and overlaps
  1. Michael Tanenbaum (M), Chubb
  2. Radhika Chaturvedi, Underwriters Laboratories
  3. Josh Ladeau, Aspen Insurance
  4. Simon Oddy, Baker Tilly
  5. Robert Parisi, Munich Re

Breakout B: Block Chain & the Evolution of Decentralized Storage

  • What is blockchain technology?
  • Disruptive Cases across industry sectors
  • Security and Scalability
  • Potential regulatory impact
  • Cyber insurance opportunity
  • Security failures and complications
  1. Neeraj Sahni (M), Aon
  2. Scott Diamond, Digital Asset Redemption
  3. Cristina Dolan, RSA NetWitness
  4. Meghan Hannes, Beazley
  5. Stephen Palley, Anderson Kill

Breakout C: Privacy Ethics: Unauthorized Use of Personal Data

  • Behavioral Advertizing Risks and Practices: Wrongful Collection, Use and Sharing of PII
  • Specific Privacy Liability Risks & Class Action Lawsuits
  • Regulations and statutes that govern consumer data
  • Industries most affected
  1. Evan Fenaroli (M), Philadelphia Insurance Companies
  2. Allison Ahroni, Aspen Insurance
  3. Luke Tenery, Ankura
  4. Steve Wernikoff, Honigman
  5. John Yanchunis, Morgan & Morgan
3:45 PM — 4:15 PM
4:15 PM — 5:00 PM

CISO Round-Up

  • Integrating risk management into the insurance process
  • Technological focus on current threats and priorities
  • Governance and compliance within their role
  1. Tom Gallo (M), AllClear ID
  2. Todd Bearman, TE Information Systems
  3. Mary Chaney, The Law Offices of Mary N. Chaney, P.L.L.C.
  4. Anahi Santiago, ChristianaCare Health System
5:00 PM — 6:30 PM

Day 3: Thursday, June 14

8:00 AM — 9:00 AM

Threat Intelligence

  • What is threat intelligence?
  • What is the tangible value to carriers and enterprises?
  • M&A Case Study
  1. Vinny Sakore (M), Arete
  2. Daimon Geopfert, RSM US LLP
  3. Christian Lees, InfoArmor
  4. Andy Sambandam, Clarip
  5. Steve Timmerman, RedSeal
9:10 AM — 10:05 AM

Breakout A: SME Pricing and Coverage Issues

  • Small Office Network Security Architecture and Pitfalls
  • Assessments
  • Coverage
  • Pricing
  1. Charlie Bernier (M), ECBM Cyber Insurance
  2. Scott Patterson, Knox Corps
  3. Chris Quirk, ARC MidAltantic Express & Surplus
  4. Shawn Ram, Coalition
  5. Scott Scheferman, Cylance

Breakout B: Psychology of a Data Breach Response

  • Impact of company culture on the handling and outcome of a breach
  • Understanding organizational culture to assess risk
  • Organizational self-awareness to identify blindspots and improve incident response planning
  1. Yosha DeLong (M), Mosaic Insurance
  2. John Austin, Fielding Graduate University
  3. Dave Navetta, Cooley LLP
  4. Robert Olson, Navigant
  5. Richard Sheridan, Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions

Breakout C: Sector Risk: Cyber Risk in the Transportation Sector

  • Challenges of underwriting
  • Unique vulnerabilities
  • Cost of policies
  • Regulatory oversight
  1. John Farley (M), Gallagher
  2. John Barrett, BDP International, Inc
  3. Stephen Bergman, RSA
  4. John Farley, Gallagher
  5. David Molitano, Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions
  6. Leigh Tuccio, Allianz
10:05 AM — 10:35 AM
10:35 AM — 11:20 AM

Breakout A: Getting to "Reasonable Cyber Risk"

  • How is "reasonable" defined?
  • Example of risk based analysis process that substantiates the method
  • Legal, regulatory and security best practices
  1. Chris Cronin (M), HALOCK Security Labs
  2. Rick Doten, Crumpton Group
  3. Tim Marlin, The Hartford
  4. Timothy Murphy, Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General
  5. Bruce Radke, Polsinelli PC

Breakout B: Retail Data Breach

  • Security Standards
  • Responding to a PCI Occurrence
  • Unique Claims Issues
  • Mobile Payments
  1. Stu Panensky (M), Pierson Ferdinand LLP
  2. Andrea Arias, FTC
  3. Anthony Dolce, The Hartford
  4. Ruston Miles, Bluefin Payments Systems
  5. Carrie Parikh, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Breakout C: Security Solution Presentations

  • Cyber Hygeine
  • Password Security
  • DDoS Protection
  1. Russ Cohen (M), Chubb
  2. Jag Bains, DOSarrest
  3. Allison Baker, Dashlane
  4. Nicholas Cramer, Symantec
11:35 AM — 12:30 PM

Modeling Aggregate & Accumulative Risk

  • How models can be used to assess cyber exposures
  • Assessment of an insured's (and carrier's) overall data aggregation exposure
  • Tools and benchmarks for evaluating a risk for cyber insurance coverage
  1. Kara Owens (M), Markel
  2. Patrick Bousfield, Howden Re
  3. Doug Clare, FICO
  4. Tim Nunziata, Nationwide
  5. Adam Sandler, Moody's RMS

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