Jul 13–14, 2021


We are committed to adapting our educational programs to address breaking news and emerging trends. With that in mind, the agenda below is subject to change as the event approaches. Registered attendees will be notified by email if significant changes are made to the agenda.

We will kick off the Summit with a full day of LATAM and Pathways to Resilience content, followed by two days of classic NetDiligence programming.

Day 1: Tuesday, July 13

12:00 PM — 2:00 PM

Women in Cyber Luncheon

Join us for one of our favorite traditions, meet new people and reconnect with old friends as we celebrate women in our industry!

We look forward to hearing our keynote speaker, April Falcon Doss, Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy, a part Georgetown University's Tech and Society initiative, whose interdisciplinary programs educate lawyers, policymakers, and the public about the challenges arising emerging technologies and the ways that law and policy can adapt to address them. Hear her take on the cyber threat landscape, online disinformation, data privacy, and how to bridge the law-and-technology divide.

Sponsored by Crum & Forster and Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP.

  1. April Doss, Georgetown University Law Center
  2. Laurie Kamaiko, Saul Ewing LLP
  3. Leigh McMullan, Crum & Forster
3:00 PM — 4:30 PM

Interactive Business Interruption Scenario

This interactive workshop revolves around a simulated ransomware attack.  As the situation unfolds, the company's incident response team--and by extent, the participants--will ask questions and make decisions regarding the system restoration, negotiation, payment, legal ramifications, notification, public relations, and more.  Each time new information is revealed, there will be a break in the action for live table discussion.  Following the discussions, participants will help guide the company's next actions by making selections on their mobile phones

  1. Ed Finn (M), Mullen Coughlin LLC
  2. Elissa Doroff, Mosaic Insurance
  3. Gina Greenwood, Nelson Mullins
  4. Meredith Griffanti, FTI Consulting
  5. Bill Hardin, Charles River Associates
  6. Ian Kelly, ZeroFox
  7. Jae McKinney, Infiniqo
  8. Michael Nelson, CYBIR
  9. Jonathan Rajewski, Stroz Friedberg

NetDiligence Ransomware Advisory Group Round-Up

Because ransomware represents a costly business interruption and data breach threat to both insurers and their policyholders, NetDiligence created a Cyber Insurance Ransomware Advisory Group. The senior managers and subject matter experts who participate as members of the Cyber Insurance Ransomware Advisory Group freely contribute their time and resources to help us bring timely and useful ransomware information to the greater cyber community. Join us for this roundtable discussion and learn about the evolving ransomware landscape and attack vectors/methods from the world’s most prominent cyber forensics and data breach remediation firms.  Come away from this session with current sector intelligence to help develop effective policy coverage strategies and tactical policyholder due-diligence requirements in order to make cost-effective, ransomware-specific cyber insurance products available to the policyholders.

  1. Vinny Sakore (M), NetDiligence
  2. Devon Ackerman, Kroll
  3. Jim Aldridge, MOXFIVE
  4. Dave Chatfield, NetDiligence
  5. Todd Doss, Ankura
  6. Luke Emrich, Tetra Defense
  7. Nathan Little, Tetra Defense
  8. John Wood, Palo Alto Networks Unit 42
5:00 PM — 6:30 PM

Day 2: Wednesday, July 14

7:30 AM — 8:30 AM
8:30 AM — 9:00 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

  1. Heather Osborne (M), NetDiligence
  2. Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence
  3. Max Perkins, AXIS
  4. Eric Seyfried, AXIS
9:00 AM — 9:50 AM

Blue: State of the Cyber Insurance Market

  • Pricing and Controls
  • Economic Impact on Projected Losses
  • Consumer Perspective on Value of Cyber Insurance to Overall Risk Management
  • Rise in InsureTech
  1. Evan Fenaroli (M), Philadelphia Insurance Companies
  2. John Anderson, CyberCube Analytics
  3. Nick Economidis, Crum & Forster
  4. Payal Patel, Marsh
  5. Catherine Rudow, Everest Re

Grey: Life of a Ransomware Claim

  • Variations Depending on Threat Actor & Variant
  • Ransom settlement/Payment Regulatory Environment
  • Payment Bans & Restrictions
  • Business Interruption Considerations & Best Practices
  1. Rob Driscoll (M), Tracepoint
  2. Michael Bruemmer, Experian
  3. Marc Grens, DigitalMint
  4. Karen Painter Randall, Connell Foley LLP
  5. Alexander Waintraub, Arete
9:50 AM — 10:30 AM
10:30 AM — 11:20 AM

Blue: 2020 Claims & Losses Update

  • A Review of the NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study
  • Types of Claims Being Covered
  • Examination of Cost
  1. Richard Goldberg (M), Lewis Brisbois LLP
  2. Jennifer Coughlin, Mullen Coughlin LLC
  3. Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence
  4. Elizabeth Neumann, AXIS
  5. David Rock, Trium Cyber

Grey: Quantifying Risk in the Investigative Process

  • Understanding the Forensics Investigation Process
  • Impact of Overwriting Forensic Evidence
  • Legal & Operational Impact of Ambiguity Regarding Data Exfiltration
  1. Ayesha West (M), Everest Insurance
  2. John Barrett, BDP International, Inc
  3. Sara Goldstein, BakerHostetler
  4. Catherine Lyle, Coalition
  5. Alan Sizemore, Ankura
11:20 AM — 12:10 PM

Blue: US Regulatory and Privacy Litigation Update

  • Regulatory Updates
  • Recent Developments in Data Breach & Privacy Litigation
  1. Phil Yannella (M), Ballard Spahr LLP
  2. Sadia Mirza, Troutman Pepper
  3. Joshua Mooney, Kennedys
  4. Carrie Parikh, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
  5. Eve-Lynn Rapp, Edelson

Grey: Post Breach Restoration & Recovery

  • Financial Considerations
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Betterment
  • Double Ransom
  • Reputational Harm
  1. James Giszczak (M), McDonald Hopkins LLP
  2. Kimberly Holmes, Perez Morris
  3. Anahi Santiago, ChristianaCare Health System
  4. Richard Sheridan, Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions
  5. Jonathan Tock, SingleWave Technologies
12:10 PM — 1:40 PM


Join us for lunch and our keynote speaker, Jana Eggers, CEO of Nara Logics, a neuroscience-inspired, artificial intelligence platform company.  Hear her take on AI and leading edge technologies--their current impact and applicability, as well as what the future might hold.

Lunch is sponsored by Consilio.

  1. Jana Eggers, Nara Logics
1:40 PM — 2:30 PM

Blue: Improving Data Visibility for Better Underwriting and Coverage

  • Predicting Probability and Severity of Events
  • Need for Better Data Collection Standards
  • Lifecycle of Data
  • Examination of Forms
  1. Erin Burns (M), INSUREtrust
  2. Lewis Guignard, Guidewire
  3. Ann Irvine, Resilience
  4. Robert Rosenzweig, Risk Strategies
  5. Reuben Vandeventer, SecondSight

Grey: Mechanics of Adjusting a Business Interruption Claim

  • The Steps in Evaluating & Calculating the Loss
  • Putting Proactive Practices in Place
  • Coverage Wording
  • Mitigating BI Exposure
  1. Spencer Timmel (M), Safety National
  2. Harriet Bateman, Baker Tilly
  3. Allen Burzen, GBMS USA
  4. Jeremy Gittler, AXA XL
  5. Laurie Kamaiko, Saul Ewing LLP
2:30 PM — 3:20 PM

Blue: Leveraging & Understanding Policyholder Scans

  • Preparing the Policyholder for Application or Renewal
  • Walkthrough of a Scan and Report
  • Underwriter Use of Scans
  • Role of the Broker
  • Future Use of Technology in Underwriting
  1. Drew Walter (M), Ascot Group
  2. Dave Lewison, Amwins
  3. Chris Poulin, BitSight
  4. Patrick Thielen, Chubb
  5. Lauren Winchester, Corvus Insurance

Grey: International Regulatory Compliance & Breach Response

  • Overview of New International Regulations
  • International Breach Response Planning and Execution
  • Best Practices
  1. Brian Robb (M), Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance
  2. Anthony Dolce, The Hartford
  3. James Jansen, Consilio
  4. Domenic Paci, Equifax
  5. Bruce Radke, Polsinelli PC
3:20 PM — 4:00 PM
4:00 PM — 4:50 PM

Blue: Emerging Technology Risks

  • Overview of Emerging Technology & Definitions 
  • Data Science & Implementation
  • Risk Management Implications
  1. Jennifer Beckage (M), The Beckage Firm
  2. Kelly Castriotta, Markel
  3. Jazmin Furtado, U.S. Space Force
  4. Kimberly Pack, Anheuser-Busch
  5. Neeraj Sahni, Aon

Grey: Biometric Regulatory Updates & Coverage Considerations

  • Regulatory Requirements & Triggers
  • Developing Legislation and Impact on Businesses
  • Examples of Post-Covid Litigation
  • Future Biometric Legislation and Liability 
  • Collaboration Between Lines
  1. John Loyal (M), Cipriani & Werner PC
  2. Meghan Hannes, Beazley
  3. Julia Jacobson, Arent Fox
  4. Gamelah Palagonia, Willis Towers Watson
  5. Becky Swanson, Hudson Insurance Group
5:00 PM — 6:15 PM

Closing Networking Event

We will close out our program with light refreshments, the Toby Merrill awards and sponsor give-aways.

6:15 PM — 6:15 PM

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