Miami Beach

Feb 12–14, 2024


We are committed to adapting our educational programs to address breaking news and emerging trends. With that in mind, the agenda below is subject to change as the event approaches. Registered attendees will be notified by email if significant changes are made to the agenda.
We will kick off the Summit with a full day of LATAM and Pathways to Resilience content, followed by two days of classic NetDiligence programming.

Day 1: Monday, February 12

8:00 AM — 9:00 AM
8:45 AM — 9:00 AM
9:00 AM — 9:50 AM

LatAm: Current & Emerging Risks

  1. Report from the NetDiligence Ransomware Advisory Group
  2. Current and Emerging Threats within Regional Scope
  3. Most Vulnerable Sectors
  4. CISO Perspective
  5. Impact of Global Risks & How Latin America is Responding
  1. Andrea García Beltrán (M), Andrea Garcia - Cyberspecs TM
  2. Walmir Freitas, Kroll
  3. Peter Hawley, Cyber Risk Author and Analyst
  4. Juan Palacio, Ransomware Help
  5. Vanessa Vargas, Kennedys
9:50 AM — 10:20 AM
10:20 AM — 11:10 AM

LatAm: Regional Regulatory & Litigation Landscape

  1. Overview of Countries with Privacy Regulations 
  2. New & Pending Legislation 
  3. Impact on International Regulations
  4. Coordination Across Jurisdictions
  5. Recent Developments in Data Breach & Privacy Litigation
  1. Cinthia Granados Motley (M), Dykema Gossett PLLC
  2. Renata Buerón , Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C
  3. Erick Iriarte Ahon, Iriarte & Asociados
  4. Javier Mercado, Popular Insurance
10:20 AM — 11:00 AM

Pathways to Resilience: DeepFake Live: A Demonstration of Video Manipulation Through DeepFake Technology

Deepfake technology works, and the various ways it may be used by threat actors to carryout financial crimes, sway elections, launch misinformation campaigns and cause reputational harm for individuals and organizations. We will also explore emerging technology that may help identify DeepFake technology and ways the cyber insurance underwriting community will need to prepare for potential DeepFake claims in the future.

  1. Hart Brown, Future Point of View
  2. John Farley, Gallagher
11:00 AM — 11:30 AM

Pathways to Resilience: Exposure Management: A Sonar Signal for Proactive Cyber Risk Management

Attendees will learn how Exposure Management, a new cybersecurity trend, helps organizations mitigate risk on their path to cyber resilience by visualizing the attack paths a threat actor would take to get access to their most critical IT assets.

  1. Paul Ashwood, CrowdStrike
11:10 AM — 12:00 PM

LatAm: Anatomy of a Cyber Incident

  1. Case Studies: Real Examples & Outcomes
  2. Pre-Breach Preparedness
  3. Incident Response
  4. Restoration & Remediation
  5. Crisis Management
  6. Vendor Perspectives - Expertise in Latin America
  7. How did the policy react? & How was the claim settled?
  1. Javier A. Vijil (M), Kennedys
  2. Isaac Morales , FTI Consulting
  3. Edith Santos, Apollo Cyber
  4. Andy Schapira, Coopers Bros
11:30 AM — 12:00 PM

Pathways to Resilience: Domain Security: Addressing Cybersecurity at the Source of the Problem

One way that risk managers and cyber insurance leaders can mitigate many of the existing and emerging cyberattacks is to focus on an often-overlooked target--an enterprise’s domain security. By focusing on key areas: visibility and awareness, monitoring and Intelligence, and layered defense-in-depth strategy, organizations can strengthen the foundation of their online presence, mitigate the risk of phishing attacks, and protect their brand reputation.

  1. Gwenn Cujdik, AXA XL
  2. Ihab Shraim, CSC Digital Brand Services
12:00 PM — 1:45 PM

Women in Cyber Luncheon Sponsored by Amwins & Cypfer

  1. Aileen Berry, Amwins
  2. Cristina Dolan, RSA NetWitness
  3. Eva Paz-Moncola, CYPFER
1:45 PM — 2:35 PM

LatAm: State of the Market

  1. Overview of Claims & Losses 
  2. Capacity & Risk Appetite 
  3. Alternative Risk Transfer: Captives, Parametics, ILS
  4. Evolving Coverage in Cyber & Other Lines
  5. New & Responsive Products
  6. Evolving Rates
  7. Silent Coverage & Market Response
  8. Technical Education of the Insurance Professional
  1. Belen Navarro Rull (M), Zurich
  2. Carolina Carmona, Liberty Specialty Markets
  3. María Camila Ortiz Cárdenas, Howden
  4. Sergio Torres, AON
  5. Sydonie Williams, Beazley
1:45 PM — 2:20 PM

Pathways to Resilience: Key Challenges & Solutions to Propel Post-Breach Recovery

While post-breach problems are many, the solutions are numerous. By highlighting three challenges routinely found in post-breach matters and presenting three useful solutions, this session explores options that a company can employ to help establish their record of reasonableness and defensibility.

  1. Micheal McLaughlin (M), Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC
  2. Shawn Belovich, HaystackID
  3. Garrett Fulton, CNA
2:20 PM — 2:55 PM

Pathways to Resilience: New PCI 4.0 Risks, Compliance & Preparation Steps

  1. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 4.0
  2. Preparation and Timeline to Meet March 2024 Deadline
  3. Requirements: Technology-Related Revisions, Enhanced Governance, & Third-Party Vendor Contract. Changes
  4. Collaboration between Legal Counsel and PCI DSS 4.0 Compliance Teams
  5. Exposure to Increased Fines, Penalties and Assessments

  1. Alan Gutierrez-Arana, Mazars USA
  2. Mark Schreiber , McDermott Will & Emery
2:35 PM — 3:25 PM

LatAm: Getting Cyber Ready: Acquiring Coverage, Tackling Renewals & Policyholder Issues

  1. Assessments to Determine Cyber Readiness & Resiliency
  2. Overcoming Weaknesses Prior to Renewal
  3. Coverage Considerations & Offerings
  4. Broker & Policyholder Concerns & Requests
  5. Market Behavior & Owning the Issues
  6. Helping the Policyholder: Specific Risks & Perils
  1. Agnes B. Suárez Méndez (M), Agnes B Suarez Consulting LLC
  2. Lucy Barker-Hahlo, Mosaic Insurance
  3. Michelle Faylo, Lockton Companies
  4. Holly Medforth, Marsh
2:55 PM — 3:25 PM

Pathways to Resilience: Attack Recovery Methods & Methodologies: Not All Them Apples Are the Same

Resilience is briefly defined as the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties. This session will focus on defining what these difficulties may entail and how to efficiently recover post-attack. With a deep dive into three specific methodologies, the panel will discuss the various roads an organization might take and how these can influence the end-result.

  1. Ed Dubrovsky, CYPFER
3:25 PM — 3:55 PM
3:55 PM — 4:45 PM

LatAm: Risk Management & the CISO Perspective

  1. Evolution & Increasing Development of the CISO Role
  2. CISO at the Executive Leadership Table 
  3. Informing & Guiding the Board
  4. Meeting of the Minds between CISO & Legal Counsel
  5. Pitfalls & Avoiding an Uber/Sullivan Outcome
  6. D&O Liability Exposure
  7. Interfacing with Law Enforcement & Regulators
  1. Guillermo Christensen (M), K&L Gates
  2. Ian Atchison, Enveedo
  3. Monique Hart, Piedmont Healthcare
  4. Nanette Martínez, Onboard Cyber

Pathways to Resilience: Ransomware Advisory Group

Learn about the evolving ransomware landscape and attack vectors/methods. Come away from this session with current sector intelligence to help develop effective policy coverage strategies and tactical policyholder due-diligence requirements in order to make cost-effective, ransomware-specific cyber insurance products available to the policyholders.

  1. Sherri Davidoff (M), LMG Security
  2. Brian Abellera, US Federal Bureau of Investigation
  3. Stephen Boyce, Magnet Forensics
  4. Max Henderson, Pondurance
  5. Don Wyper, DigitalMint Cyber Settlement Services

Day 2: Tuesday, February 13

7:30 AM — 8:30 AM
8:30 AM — 8:45 AM
8:45 AM — 9:25 AM

Keynote:The Murmuration of the Starlings: What biology teaches us about cyber risk.

This is a follow up to the presentation John Donald made called “35 views of cyber risk” at the virtual Net Diligence event in 2020. Here, in Part Two of the 35 Views series, he focusses on the concepts from life sciences that help us to understand and model cyber risk. Using a murmuration of starlings as the central metaphor for systemic risk, he shows how we should look to  biology rather than physics to comprehend cyber – the science of animate objects rather than inanimate ones.   

  1. John Donald, AXIS
9:30 AM — 10:20 AM

Breakout A: Claims & Losses Update

  1. An Overview of the  2023 NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study 
  2. Report from the Trenches
  3. Future Predictions
  1. Jennifer Coughlin (M), Mullen Coughlin LLC
  2. Christine Flammer, AXA XL
  3. Mark Greisiger, NetDiligence
  4. Theresa Le, Cowbell Cyber
  5. Catherine Lyle, Tokio Marine HCC - CPLG

Breakout B: Eye on the Ball: The Human Element vs Focus on Vulnerablities

  1. Where is growth in the industry & how do we get there?
  2. Underwriting Philosophy
  3. Scanning
  4. Security Infrastructure
  5. Human Element
  1. Gordon Gray (M), Amwins
  2. Aaron Aanenson , Bitsight
  3. Neal Jardine, BOXX Insurance
  4. Morgan Moore, Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions
  5. Lauren Winchester, Corvus Insurance
10:20 AM — 10:50 AM
10:50 AM — 11:40 AM

Breakout A: State of the Market: Grappling with AI

  1. How are Policyholders Deploying AI?
  2. How is Insurance Responding?
  3. What are Brokers Looking for in the Policy?
  4. Litigation Exposure
  1. Shiraz Saeed (M), Arch Insurance
  2. John Coletti, Coalition
  3. Cristina Dolan, RSA NetWitness
  4. Neeraj Sahni, Aon
  5. Tresa Stephens, Allianz

Breakout B: Dissecting a Forensics Investigation

  1. Tension Between External Investigators & In-House Carrier Security Teams
  2. Importance of Forensics Investigation Beyond the Legal Implications
  3. Technical Perspective 
  4. Chain of Custody Issues
  5. Privilege Issues
  6. Impact on Claims Handling
  1. Christine Mapes (M), Arete
  2. Chris Ballod, Kroll
  3. Zack Doyle, Arctic Wolf
  4. Daniel Tobok, CYPFER
  5. Aubrey Weaver, Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP
11:40 AM — 12:30 PM

Breakout B: Website Privacy: Litigation Updates & Exposure Management

  1. Update on Website Litigation: Key Decisions, Impacted Industries and Settlement Landscape
  2. Emerging Trends & New Technologies
  3. Changes in Website Litigation Strategies
  4. Quantifying Potential Exposure
  5. Proactive Risk Mitigation

  1. Joan D'Ambrosio (M), Atheria Law PC
  2. Katherine Heaton, Beazley
  3. Michael McClain, The Benson Firm
  4. Al Saikali, Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP
  5. Jim Vint, Secretariat

Breakout A: Measuring Cyber Risk

  1. Modeling & Quantification of Risk
  2. Feedback Loop to the Carrier
  3. Changing State of Underwriting
  4. Methodologies & Frameworks
  5. ROI on Security Investment
  1. Brendan Rooney (M), Booz Allen Hamilton
  2. Michael Colford, Westfield Specialty
  3. Nadia Hoyte, USI Insurance Services
  4. Andrew Lukas, CyberCube Analytics
  5. David Roth, Trend Micro
12:30 PM — 1:45 PM
1:45 PM — 2:35 PM

Breakout A: Reinsurance Debrief

  1. Review of Recent Renewal Cycle
  2. Loss Cap Ratios
  3. Flux in Market Players
  4. Current View on Aggregate Risk
  5. Impact on Second Tier Carriers
  1. Richard DePiero (M), Sompo
  2. Erica Davis, Guy Carpenter
  3. Annamaria Landaverde , Munich Re US
  4. Ho-Tay Ma, SCOR
  5. Devin Page, Ascot Group

Breakout B: Evolution in Crisis Communications & Public Relations

  1. Communications between Vendors & Insured During an Incident
  2. Protecting Brand & Reputation
  3. Balancing Legal Risk/Regulatory Disclosure Requirements with Reputational Risk
  4. Scrutiny on Impacted Business Post-Breach & Notification
  1. Michael Bruemmer (M), Experian
  2. Linda Comerford, Resilience
  3. Sadia Mirza, Troutman Pepper
  4. Stephen Ramey, IronGate Security
2:35 PM — 3:25 PM

Breakout A: Sector Risk: Financial Institutions: Money, Infrastructure, Technology, & Compliance

  1. Complications of Interconnectivity
  2. Cyber Exposure
  3. D&O Exposure
  4. Increasing Tech E&O Exposure
  1. Michelle Chia (M), AXA XL
  2. Bill Hardin, Charles River Associates
  3. Christopher Liu, Marsh
  4. Travis Stevens, Allied World

Breakout B: Data Transfer Incidents

  1. Challenges & Liabilities Flowing from Non-Chosen Vendors 
  2. Vendor/Contractor Management & Liability
  3. Unique IR Teams for Varied Data & Work Flows
  4. Third Party Applications
  5. Threat Actor Differences in Negotiations & Payments
  1. James Jansen (M), Consilio
  2. Morissa Falk-Freedman, Crum & Forster
  3. Meghan Farally, Cipriani & Werner PC
  4. Monica Minkel, Holmes Murphy
  5. Michael Rogers, MOXFIVE
3:25 PM — 3:55 PM
3:55 PM — 4:45 PM

Plenary: The Hit Parade: The Last Three Big Cyber Events

  1. Last Three Cyber Events
  2. Insurance Challenges
  3. Legal Challenges
  4. Public Relations Challenges
  5. Common Themes & Future Predictions
  1. Oliver Brew (M), Lockton Re
  2. Marc Bleicher, Surefire Cyber
  3. Katie Clark, Edelman
  4. John O'Donnell, AXIS
  5. Karen Painter Randall, Connell Foley LLP
4:45 PM — 6:15 PM
7:30 PM — 10:30 PM

Community After Hours Party at the Loews

The fun never ends at Miami Beach! Join the revelries at this mid-conference on-site event on the Loews' Great Lawn, featuring live DJ, food & drinks, and seating, plus ping-pong, cornhole, and table top games.

Event Hosted by Alvaka, Booz Allen Hamilton, Kivu, Pondurance, Trans Union & Trend Micro. Supported by Kroll & Surefire Cyber.

Day 3: Wednesday, February 14

8:00 AM — 9:00 AM
9:00 AM — 9:50 AM

Plenary: Underwriting & Supporting the SME

  1. What is Important to the SME?
  2. Underwriting & Placement
  3. Unique Nature of SME Claims & Breach Response Services
  1. Erin Burns (M), INSUREtrust
  2. Allen Blount, Risk Strategies
  3. Laura Hawkins, At-Bay
  4. John Menefee, Travelers
  5. Oli Thordarson, Alvaka
9:50 AM — 10:20 AM
10:20 AM — 11:10 AM

Plenary: Demystifying the New SEC Cybersecurity Incident Disclosure Regulations

  1. Purpose of New Requirements
  2. Impact on & Exposure for Insureds
  3. Interplay Between Cyber and D&O
  4. Amendment to Form 8-K Trigger
  5. Defining "Materiality"
  6. Required Disclosures
  1. Anjali Das (M), Wilson Elser
  2. Brian Baney, Ascot Group
  3. Sean Cordes, Baker Tilly
  4. Andrea Lieberman, Lockton
11:10 AM — 12:00 PM

Plenary: New Approaches to the Large Enterprise & Alternatives to Stand-Alone Cyber

  1. Cyber Market Capacity Challenges & Opportunities
  2. Pros & Cons of Using Captives as a Method of Risk Transfer
  3. Parametric Solutions: Their Structure & Functionality
  1. Payal Patel (M), Marsh McLennan
  2. Christopher Keegan, Brown & Brown
  3. Robert Parisi, Munich Re
  4. Tim Ramsay, Mandiant
  5. Rick Wong, Parametrix Insurance
12:00 PM — 12:00 PM

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