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How eRiskHub Powers Modern-Day Insurance Professionals

Risk Management / June 13 , 2022

The eRiskHub® portal is a comprehensive bespoke online platform that acts as a one-stop shop to help insurers and their policyholders combat cyber loss with an extensive array of proactive (preventative) and reactive (recovery) information, education, and resources.

Here’s a quick look at some of the ways this cyber risk management platform is helping to empower the modern-day insurance professional as well as their policyholders.

For Cyber Insurance Underwriters

With the eRiskHub, you benefit from having an innovative vehicle to deliver robust value and differentiation as part of your cyber insurance product. Your portal comes with carefully curated resources and tools to help your offering outshine your competitors. eRiskHub is customized and white-labeled, meaning you can use your portal to showcase your own internal resources directly to policyholders. What’s more, your personal NetDiligence support team will help you to continually update and customize your portal to make it look and feel like part of your existing insurance product.

We have been an eRiskHub client since 2017, when we first launched our Cyber offering. The “Insurance Insider” section of the eRiskHub is extremely beneficial for our internal staff. It is a wonderful educational resource to ensure our underwriting, claims and reinsurance teams have high level cyber insurance knowledge. — Spencer Timmel, National Director of Cyber Insurance, Safety National

For Cyber Insurance Claims Support

Cyberattacks and claims are increasing. eRiskHub users benefit from having powerful educational tools and threat intel to stay ahead of new cyber threats as they evolve; resulting in more controlled and predictable losses. eRiskHub serves as a direct channel to policyholders delivering tools and resources to help them:

I have been using our eRiskHub for just a few months now, but it seems like years because I’m on the site constantly, and I don’t know how I did my job without it! My role as the National Cyber Claims Lead at HUB has required that I become well-versed in the cyber market, as well as cyber claims on a global front. The eRiskHub provides the tools and content necessary for me to stay current and informed on cyber trends and events and how to mitigate the loss exposures. — Jennifer Wilson, National Cyber Claims Lead, HUB International

For Cyber Insurance Policyholders (Risk Managers and Other Internal Client Staff)

It is no secret that getting policyholders “cyber ready” is crucial to keeping their organizations insurable and prepared for the cyber risks they face today. Having eRiskHub at hand gives you scalable resources including security awareness training and basics for staff, virtual tabletop and mock exercises for ransomware, and step-by-step guides to educate your policyholders’ organizations—including everyone from senior management to frontline staff.

Regardless of the training and tools provided by the insurance market, our clients need more hands-on tools to effectively prepare. There is a wealth of information on the site and I don’t feel like I’ve even scratched the surface. I would recommend eRiskHub to anyone working in the cyber insurance space – from insurers to brokers to clients and everyone in between. I have yet to find another single source that provides the depth of expertise in this field from a global perspective. — Jennifer Wilson, National Cyber Claims Lead, HUB International

I’ve been using the eRiskHub for over a decade, to share not only network security news and information with our insureds, but also to give them greater insight into resources that are available to them. This includes the service providers on our legal, forensics and other panels, as well as descriptions of the network security services we offer free of charge. These can be easily ordered from eRiskHub directly without unnecessary friction. — Bradley Gow, Global Cyber Product Leader, Sompo International

For Cyber Insurance Brokers

Cyber insurance brokers play a key role in the insurance industry. With eRiskHub, cyber insurance brokers enjoy a scalable, white-labeled solution to help them grow and retain their book of business. Use eRiskHub to deliver your own differentiating resources directly to clients. The eRiskHub also acts as a centralized portal for clients who non-renew (and need remediation help) and/or move to different carriers; saving you the time and administrative efforts to provide new resources when clients change providers.

I have been using the eRiskHub for over 10 years. I decided to implement it because Gallagher’s Cyber Practice is utilized as an extension of our clients’ cyber risk management team. The eRiskHub helps us fulfill our mission to succeed in this role by arming our team with the latest cyberattack prevention and mitigation techniques, compliance help, cyber risk quantification tools, and access to cutting-edge thought leadership. To have all of these educational resources in one place is key to making us all better cyber brokers and helps us lead our clients through the challenging and ever-evolving cyber insurance marketplace .— John Farley, Managing Director, Cyber Practice, Arthur J. Gallagher

As you can see, the eRiskHub portal has benefits for many different types of users. And what’s more, our support team will work hand-in-hand with you to customize, maintain, and update your portal with relevant and cutting-edge resources that best serve your users.

Contact us today to learn more about the value the eRiskHub portal can bring to your team of insurance professionals as well as your policyholders.


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