24×7 Hands-On Help

As more and more cyber policies are sold, the number of cyber claims continues to grow. Have you implemented a “best-in-class” process for handling this growing number of complex claims?

Cyber incidents require a “time-is-of-the-essence” response on the part of the insurer, yet unfortunately, these incidents often occur after business hours or on weekends.

With that in mind, how can you ensure that every client receives a timely, thoughtful response? How do you leverage that response to reinforce the value of their coverage and reassure them that you will help them respond, remediate and recover from the incident?

Because of the 24×7 nature of cyber risk—and the highly technical, yet nuanced, nature of cyber incidents—using Claims Adjusters as the first point of contact for cyber claims may not be your most effective approach. Adjusters could be out of the office when the client calls, or they could simply not have adequate time or sufficient expertise to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively to initial cyber claim inquiries.

NetDiligence® is uniquely positioned to take that first call regarding a potential cyber claim.

Our experienced cybersecurity professionals can calm your client, ascertain facts about the incident and provide actionable information to the appropriate people within your organization and on your preferred vendor panel.


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  • Date: 1 February 2017