Cyber Insurance Solutions (CIS)

Cyber Insurance Solutions (CIS) is an authorized reseller of NetDiligence® cyber risk assessments in Canada.

NetDiligence QuietAudit® Cyber Risk Assessments are an efficient, effective way for your organization to document its data security posture and cyber risk readiness. Insurers recognize the value of a NetDiligence assessment; it allows them to validate that your organization has key safeguards and practices in place. We understand that when it comes to assessing cybersecurity readiness, one size does not fit all. So we offer a variety of services designed to assist organizations of all sizes and budgets.

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Virtual Management

Virtual Management is the exclusive reseller of the eRiskHub® in Nordic and Eastern European countries.

Virtual management, brought about by the rise of the internet, globalization, outsourcing, telecommuting and virtual teams, is management of frequently widely dispersed groups and individuals with rarely, if ever, meeting them face to face. In 1995 when leaving the global outsourcing company we found out that it is important to add outside expertise to explore the unfamiliar problems. How could we transform innovations, ideas and insights quicker to actionable strategies. Future business owners need to create a stronger corporate culture that uses the competence and technology in a smarter way.

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Lars-Göran Fröjd
+46 70 623 0005