Automated Platform for New & Established VRM Programs

Because many recent data breaches occurred at third-party vendors, organizations of all sizes and sectors are being urged by regulators, cyber risk insurers and other interested parties to devote more resources to vendor selection, monitoring and oversight.

Whether you’re just starting a vendor risk management program or have an established program in place, NetDiligence’s QuietAudit® Vendor Risk Management (VRM) can make the process faster, simpler and more sustainable. QuietAudit VRM is a mobile-friendly, flexible platform that can be branded and customized for your organization. You can choose from one of our standard security practices question sets or use a custom set of questions. Our platform makes it easy to send the survey to your vendors and can be set up to automatically score answers, produce a ‘scorecard’ for each vendor and perform benchmarking.

Starting a VRM Program

If your organization doesn’t yet have a VRM program, it can be daunting to start one. How do you know what questions to ask? How do you evaluate the answers? QuietAudit VRM makes it easy for you to begin. Just select one of our automatically scored surveys and invite your vendors! It’s that simple.

Automating an Established VRM Program

If your organization already has a VRM program in place, you know it can be a very time- and labor-intensive process. With QuietAudit VRM you can automate the manual process of surveying your vendors while retaining your historical data for year-over-year comparison purposes.


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